Saturday, March 10, 2012

That Must Be Applause

After who knows how long, I finally opened an Etsy Shop.

  I realize I am not the first person to do this, maybe there were even 300,000 + before me… But still, YIPPEE!

I love to agonize over the tiny little details, look at all the options and take as long as humanly possible to do the projects that other people do without a second thought.  I even figured out how to put that fancy little “Mini Etsy” on the side bar.  If I said it took 4 hours to do that, who would believe it?

Sometimes even I have a hard time believing it…

We have had the most beautiful weather the past couple of days.

Just a couple more days of sunshine and the Star Magnolia will be in full bloom!


I  spotted a little nymph in the yard.








Not just fun and games around here.

I’ve been getting things ready for

SVM Logo - Cross on left Saturday, March 17th

check out the details

I was able to harvest the pussywillows.

Sounds easy, right??

It is a “Fine Science”, (Ag Science) I assure you.

Well… there is this tiny little window when they are ready, before they are over ready… 

And there is only a few (and I mean few) days that it is not pouring down rain.

Naturally all the “good ones” are at the top of the tree.


Yes, I think I hear applause…


It’s been a rewarding week indeed!


  1. LOVE the pussy willows!! And I too have a magnolia that is ready to burst!! It's such a beautiful site:) Hope all is well sweet girl!!

  2. Adorable pictures!! I'm planting my garden in the back. My husband and I just purchased our first home, and I am always on the hunt for new plants to put in. LOVE THESE!!!

  3. Hello
    That Must Be Applause
    Many thanks, fairly refreshing, I enjoyed reading your article, You are wonderful!
    Thank you!

  4. applause, applause!!!! Congrats on the etsy, and it takes me forever to do the "little" stuff too, it's all in the details! My neighbor just sent out the question to us locals on where she could find pussywillows, I had no idea. She will find some on one of her walks I'm sure! Happy Thursday! t.xoxo

  5. Joy . . . Congrats on you Etsy shop - Looks great!!! :)
    Sooo excited to see you tomorrow as well as all your great vintage - can't wait!!! :) xoxo - liz

  6. Yes! Congratulations! I will pop over and check it out. Wishing you every success!!! Cheers SpecialK XoXo