Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Little Packaging

I've been sending out jewelry in little handmade cardboard envelopes.
  They work out perfect for most of the necklaces and bracelets I need to mail.

 I like to make them, I have piles and piles of started projects that I love to use up.

 I make them in stages, gluing one time, coloring or painting the next, working with stamps, just kinda random things I like to do.  Then I sew them on top of cardboard and then  into little envelopes. 

Now I need a bigger envelope for this cuff that is on it's way to Texas...
There is no way it's fitting in a regular size one.

Not a problem
 and with my finely honed math skills,
 I just "measured twice and cut once".

You gotta love it when a plan comes together.

I just put a couple on
  This black one.

and this brown one.

I can send it to you, in a perfect sized package...

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