Monday, July 21, 2008

A Change of Plans

When we came home from vacation, this was in the mail and I have been wanting to share it since. This is Baby Jack and he is doing wonderful since his liver transplant!

I knew you would all want to know.

If your thinking you have committed the biggest faux paux ever, well I want you to know that is not so! Here is a picture of what it looked like when we got to the family reunion Saturday.Actually it was worse than that because there were still a few people lingering when we pulled up, so they were there to witness our tardy arrival! One being my dad, he had exhausted himself pacing... He was there at the crack of dawn.

I thought it started in the afternoon sometime, you know 1 or 2 o'clock. No, it actually started at 11am! Opps, guess I should have checked the flyer, but seriously, do you think I could find the flyer? You know the one with the directions and even the name of the park?? We left LATE, we had to buy gas for Dumbo (the rv), not far down the road, Sam announces that he didn't bring any shoes. A quick stop for flip flops and we are off like a herd of turtles...

I was sooo tired I just cuddled right up on the bed and slept the whole way, that is until Dave shouts, "what exit were we suppose to take.. "opps went to far.. back track, go to the wrong park, blah blah blah!! So that is why we missed the whole reunion!!

Things were a little chaotic Saturday morning when we were getting ready to go to family reunion, much like usual only a little more so. I still needed to make the food, so I picked an easy butterscotch, poppy seed cake. Then thought I would whip up a Frog Eye salad (sound delicious, I know) and then we decided to take Dumbo might as well spend the night...So then I had to throw the food together for that, made that yummy Top Ramien Cabbage salad. So all that would have been bad enough, but remember I decided to Flip that House, well I did get started on that; here is a picture or two to prove it.

This furniture is from the living room, and it is now in the office. The furniture will stay but not all the pretties. Do you recognize the family room? Now it is the dining room!

This made it just a wee bit hard to find the things we were looking for...

All because someone at expo was throwing away 6 chairs that needed work bad and I needed 6 chairs. Naturally I took the free chairs, because as we all know, you get what you pay for… That is what really got the flip this house going and was most likely the reason we missed the reunion!

I like the table in the old family room. I like the tv in the living room, I hate the mess I have created. So… Friday I decided to move some of the disaster out to the front porch, that way I could see better what need to go where. When I opened the front door it was clear that I first had to reorganize the porch so more would fit, apparently I had the move it to the porch idea before. So I got rid of all the extra stuff on the porch, I set it in front of the barn. Then I figured I might as well pressure wash the porch since it was incredibly dirty and there was nothing on it. Next why not do the walls and then the gutters, the sidewalk was dirty, so that was next. Then as you move around there is the brick path through the garden which looks great pressure washed… You get the picture, I spent the whole day outside making everything sparkly clean. I wasn’t aware that the pressure washer works like a blower. But it makes even the grass look great!
While I was at it I did the back deck and the chairs. I did the throw rugs the floor mats out of the car and I even did an old upholstered chair and ottoman! What did I have to loose, it was beyond dirty and it turned out wonderful! I did use the upholster cleaner to suck out the dirty water, otherwise it drips to the bottom and that is definitely not good. Next thing I knew it was dark, I was way too tired and went to bed!
I'm not sure what the lesson in this was... I hope it wasn't, finish one project before you start another? Or what about, a place for everything and everything in it's place?

Not being one to cry over spilled milk or in this case missed reunions. We ended up enjoying the late afternoon and evening. Dexter Lake is a beautiful place with apparently several campgrounds and day use areas! If you decide to go there, you might want to figure out ahead which area, especially if your planning on meeting someone...


  1. So sorry you missed your reunion. Looks like you had the whole lake to yourselves. Wow, you are the queen of pressure washing. Want to come over and do my porch too? Can't wait to see the after pics from your room flippin.


  2. Bummer, and your poor Dad! Glad you had fun after all! Call me!


  3. Oh yes, and Baby Jack is just DARLING! Wonderful miracle family!

  4. That is sad and funny at the same time, Joy...!!! So glad baby Jack is doing well, he is darling!

  5. what a beautiful boy!!! he is so adorable! i am glad he is well. you are such a riot Joy! you are so funny... I love reading about your adventures! see you friday!


  6. Your life reminds me to much of mine. I am always a day late and a dollar short.I guess thats what memories are made of! Have a wonderful weekend. Kath