Sunday, July 27, 2008

Guess Who I Saw?

I pretty much saw everyone!! We all had a great time Saturday at The Barn House Flea Market. We actually had fun Friday setting up our spaces. The most fun part for me is seeing who else is there, I usually know some of them, and then meeting new people and seeing their treasures is so fun! We had intended to leave at 9am but, (through no fault of my own) we left about 11:30... Thankfully we didn't miss the show, like I did the family reunion...Diane and I both took our own vehicles and decided not to use our trailers and drivers/loaders/husbands help. I'm hoping that wasn't my idea, since it was a BAD ONE! I'm not planning to do that again!! Goodness the stuff we haul is heavy!! And as it turned out I decided I couldn't get enough in the truck so Dave had to make a load after work Friday, he may as well had pulled the trailer... And if you must know the whole truth, I called him when it was over and asked him to come help me load up what didn't sale...
Gee what wimp, I know that is what your thinking. It is about an hour and half one way ... And I know what else you are thinking, why don't I pull the trailer like the big girls do?? Well, did I tell you about the time I pulled up my big girl panties and was going take the boat to the lake and on the way hit a car in the church parking lot?? It kinda put me off pulling trailers. I would if I had too, and I have several times since, but really when I have so many other things on my to do list, do I HAVE to pull the trailer too?? I like to think it makes Dave the Driver feel needed...
Lucky for Diane and I those Barn House Boys/Men, are very strong!
This picture makes it look like Joe is running away from me.. I'm sure that is just a camera trick, maybe the angle or something?? Why would he be running??
Besides strong, Joe and Jermonne are also organized, creative, fun, helpful, nice, and on and on...Seriously they are so sweet and enthusiastic, they actually unloaded our stuff, while I stood by wringing my hands like a damsel in distress. Which I pretty much was!
I did finally get my booth together, I would have spent more time but... it got dark!
Here are the girls from Couture Junquies
This was Little Byrd's booth, she was my neighbor. This was her first show, you don't suppose she got placed to me because she was the only one that didn't request not to be?? That thought didn't occur to me until just now...
She did a great job , but I understand she wants a different spot next year...(just kidding)
Here is Diane aka Molly Mo, she is off gallivanting in someone else's booth. She quickly and effeciently finishes her work and has time to spare...she says she makes a list.. So do I but I can't find it..This is the booth of Worthy Goods, I met these sister in laws at Expo and was so glad to spend a little more time getting acquainted with them this weekend.
This is Natalie, of Sparrow and her sweetie Linn, I wish I had got a picture of her daughter Zoe, she is 10 years old and has a flourishing business of her own.. she is in the food and beverage industry.
Speaking of Flourishes, here is Aleta, I got a picture of her taking a picture ...
Here are the girls from, yes just as the sign says..Uncovered Ruby It was a pleasure to get acquainted with Lulu, I have seen her before but I didn't recognize her as she wasn't soaking wet... She was outside at Farm Chicks and it was POURING !! Not to mention the wind was blowing like a hurricane, she says next time she will take an indoor booth... Outside is great when the weather co operates, but when it doesn't...
These are some of Lulu's necklaces, aren't they....charming

This is Julie from The Whities, I told her she looks like her booth, she blends in, or looks like she should be in there... Which is probably true of most of us, our booths like our homes are a reflection of us. I realize there are some exceptions, but I think most dealers buy what they like or are attracted to, and they also realize that once they buy something they own it..

Here is Lynn in her booth,

And look here is Diane again back in her booth.. She is wearing the apron that Dusty silkscreened for her and I sewed, took awhile to do that cross stitching, but she's worth it.. Actually I used a vintage apron for the bottom and added a ruffle.
And even Cindy, Queen of Tarte (sporting a new hair do )in her booth ready to go!
These were only some of the vendors, I have a hard time getting away from my booth to take pictures and when I do I keep getting distracted and forget to take pictures, or forget my camera, or the battery goes dead, or...

Naturally there were many, many, famous and news worthy people at this fantastic event, but my sister Toni and I were so happy that we got to meet Tracey from Notes From A Cottage Industry

Tracey came with her girls, she was one of the judges in the baking and chili cookoff..

I'm sure some of you recognize these famous personalities, strangely enough I did not win... here is the recipe for my Butterscotch Poppyseed Cake, try it for yourself and see if it is not a winner!
Butterscotch Poppyseed Cake

1 box yellow pudding in the mix cake mix

2 pkg instant butterscotch instant pudding

1 1/2 cup oil

1 Cup flat 7up

1 tsp almond extract

4 eggs

1/4 Cup Poppyseeds

mix and pour into greased bundtpan

Bake 350 for 45- 60 minutes check with toothpick

Can be sprinkled with powered sugar or frosted


Cream together cream cheese, powdered sugar and lemon juice



  1. Joy, that looks like so much fun! Love your pictures. I wish I would have remembered and gone. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Looks like such a great show!

    So sorry to have missed it!

  3. This made me laugh the whole way through....Love your humor! Are you kidding?! I loved being next to you!!!!

  4. Hi Joy!
    It was great to meet you and Toni! (Hey, I thought I told you to crop that photo up higher...less is more, you know?) It was a fabulous event and the real highlight for me was meeting all of the great online friends like you!

  5. PS. Your Poppyseed cake was to die for!Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  6. So fun! I came over here from Tiffany of Shabby Scraps!
    She was there and blogged about it...
    Nice to meet you! I enjoyed looking at all the photographs!
    ~Sadie Lou

  7. joy, joy , joy in my what about that raspberry pie recipe, maybe you could share that and the salad that you made too.

    We had some giggles, looking so forward to seeing you at the next show OX Lulu

  8. Ok,I hate to say it but it was YOUR IDEA to only take our vehicles w/o our husband-helpers! But it was still a blast and I love my apron, bags and my girls love the Molly Mo cammies! Well, Hayden is not too excited, you know, she's 15 - need I say more? Anyway, they'll be wearing them for the antique faire on the 16th with smiles on their faces.
    Love ya, I always have fun with you...

  9. Joy,
    I just love visting your site. It some much fun to see all the great ideas you have and all your friends. You have a great gift!

    jessica roth