Sunday, November 23, 2008

Out After Dark??

There was a time when I couldn't understand what the big deal was for people to go out at night. Now adays, if there is something I want to do and it is only happening at night of course I will go! But if I have the choice, go early, or wait until after dark well...I like to be 'settled in' for the evening...
I can't remember the last time Dave and I had a 'date night' well... last night was it!! All by our selves just the two of us, it was dark, we were 'spruced up' and off!!
We had dinner here,
I had been here before with girlfriends, but I was anxious for Dave to try it. It was very good, and oh my gosh I was so delighted not to order from the counter and wait for my number to be called! I had almost forgotten what that was like, it was fun! It made me happy, much happier than a Happy Meal!!
Then we traveled a little further downtown Portland to Powell's Bookstore. This is always an adventure and a place we take Sam, but like having dinner out, much more fun without him. He prefers the children's section and I prefer almost all the other ones more.
We only had an hour before closing and I can get seriously distracted, but I thought these would be fun to read.

And who wouldn't want to read this?

I flipped through this one briefly, but I couldn't decide if I should read it or write it??

This is one I want to read. I have her other books and they are full of great ideas. The last thing I need right now are more ideas, so I will get it later...

Then since it was only 11pm... we moved on, to see what we could see further down the road.

You can only imagine our surprise to see this handsome guy out on the street!!

What in the world!! Dusty dressed up like a bouncer at an Irish Pub!! Yep, that's him alright student by day, bouncer by night. I figured I better check this out for myself.
Evidently we are the only people not out and about in the late night hours. There were people every where!! They seemed to be having a great time, many were waiting in line to get in and many more were already inside ( some had obviously been there awhile) Oregon State had won their football game and there was celebrating to be done!!

Irish fare to be eaten.

Irish drinks to be consumed.

Great ambiance.

It was late, we had a terrific cup of coffee and headed home!


  1. Sounds like fun, Joy!! Mark and I are overdue for a night out... Those darn kids!!

  2. That sounds like my dream date. Powells...we have planned our whole vacation, (including driving to Portland from Edmonton, Alberta...uh, over a thousand miles) around Powells. Yes, it's true. We are serious book nerds. But the book store is fabulous! And Hot Lips Pizza nearby!?! Oh. My. Gosh. Worth every mile. Throw in the Chinese Gardens, Jamison Square and there you have the perfect vacation.
    *sigh* I love Portland. You are so blessed to live there.
    xo arlene