Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What a Great Idea!

I had the best idea recently. I thought since I don't have any shows for several weeks, I should start posting every day. Not some big ginormous post, but you know, just a short and sweet little something! There are a couple reasons that's not really working for me... One, you would need to be organized and remember before bedtime that you need to think of something coherent to write. Two you would have to do something "blogworthy" to write about. Since neither of those things are happening, what will I do? Well do not despair, I have never let not having something to say keep me from talking!! So I will just go in that same frame of mind and keep the keys aflyin'.

I have been making some book covers, and that is very, very, fun! I got a great deal on a couple huge reams of paper and I am having them made into blank books.

Some that are more customized for individuals, this is my friend Karen's daughter and her fiance. She sent me a save the date card that she had been working on, so I stole repurposed the image from that...
I used some pictures from Mindy's wedding for this one.

And that was so fun I changed the background and did it the same on this one.

Then I had to have a reason to use this collage of Addie...

This could definitely be addictive!


  1. Joy I LOVE the book you made me. I keep daydreaming of more cover pages so you can make some Christmas gifts for me. Thank you, Pam

  2. Joy that is so damned cute!!

    I hope you stay warm this weekend on your is ridiculous cold here!!!

  3. Absolutely DARLING! I love them! I think you are my favorite artist!

    Love ya,