Saturday, November 15, 2008

Working Girls

Last evening I made a quick dash to my friend Pam's daughter Mindy's open house for her salon. I had been out of town all day and I couldn't quite remember the time... You guessed it, the party was over before I got there. Wonder why this has a familiar ring to it??
You recall the family reunion we attended, missed earlier this summer?

Just as well I was late, she had a huge turn out and I wouldn't have been able to get photo's of her shop had it been crowded with people. I like to refer to this kind of thinking as, making lemonade out of lemons. She had a few vendors selling jewelery, purses and custom designed shirts. They were gone before I got there, but that was just as well, I get too excited when I see really cool things (more lemonade). Here are some shots of her shop and of her with her mom.

Pam had come straight from work, where she is in charge (for the first time) of harvesting a bagillion Christmas trees. She got there about the same time I did, I thought it was an interesting contrast of how many different hats shoes working girls might wear... It is also noteworthy that sometimes women, have to step up and put on a pair of shoes that they haven't worn before to get the job done. Those shoes/boots might not be the ones you would have picked and they aren't that comfortable, but the job has to be done...

These are some shots of Mindy's wedding, it was in August this year.

I shared a few posts back about Jori's felted wool pins, that I saw during Christmas in Historic Silverton. Take a few minutes when you have time to check those out, they are so cool!


  1. Joy~ I missed you last night at Mindys but hear you visited with Brandie today... I didnt know you went up to that neck of the woods!! Theres not a road you havent traveled!!!
    Have a great weekend :)

  2. Hi! For some reason I can't email you! Hope it clears up soon. Brent thinks it's because I put McAfee anti-virus on the computer the other night. He said yahoo is a big one for viruses?

    Anyway, please try to email me and I'll see if it lets me receive it. Take care!


  3. Hey Auntie! Love the new look of your blog...not to mention the pretty picture of you on the side!! :o)

    J & J