Tuesday, August 11, 2009


clayson farms 066

Way back when I started blogging my intention was to keep people informed in advance as to where I was going to be. The idea being if they were in the area and wanted to come to the show, they would have the choice. Well, that doesn’t always work out the way I had hoped. I could also put the information on the sidebar but, that also seems to get away from me…

So SURPRIZE we spent the weekend at the Ponderosa this weekend.

clayson farms 064

clayson farms 068

I had such a good time last year, that I was looking forward to doing the Clayson Farm Antique Show again this year.

clayson farms 036

The show is in Yakima, last year we stayed in Dumbo (the rv) on the property next to Clayson Farm.clayson farms 007

Much nicer than most of the spots we stay the night, but when Kim asked if we would like to be her guests, along with the boys from Barn House, (now to be know as Adam and Little Joe) Dave the driver (now to be know as Hoss) and I were delighted. A mere 30 minutes from the show (unless your behind Little Joe as the driver) up a beautiful scenic highway.

Their home is just 5 minutes away on the top of one of the neighboring mountains, and someday they will move down here. But for now this is where they keep their animals and rowdy company??

Actually the place is incredible, with all sorts of barns, outbuildings, corrals a darling newly renovated cabin, and hookups for rv’s. Not to mention all kinds of graveled area for maneuvering the big rigs.

There are horses

clayson farms 073


clayson farms 052

and other miscellaneous animals.

clayson farms 055

Unfortunately the rooster, that also acts as an alarm clock

(without a snooze button)

was no where to be found, come picture time.

I certainly hope I didn’t permanently maim him when I threw my shoe at him.

It was amazingly beautiful and peaceful. The terrain is much different from the Willamette Valley It is rugged and yet charming, and really did remind me of days gone by at the Ponderosa, with Hoss, Adam and Little Joe…. We had a hard time figuring out what parts the rest of us were suppose to play since there weren’t women on the original Ponderosa. Thank you Kim for your hospitality, we had the greatest time!

And remember, that someday there will be a guest room available for you and the other girls from Flutterby at my house…

clayson farms 042 Kim, Denise and Claudette the Flutterby girls, facing forward…

It was so much fun having my sister Terri there to help me. We had so much fun laughing and getting to know so many different people. We both love babies, and these 2 were so funny we could not stop laughing.

They are twins and if you will notice the little girl is having a great time,

smiling, entertaining us, but her brother…

clayson farms 024

clayson farms 026

clayson farms 025

He was not amused.clayson farms 028

clayson farms 027

We could not coax a smile out of him, which made us laugh even harder, and when we would laugh, or Terri would talk to them, the little girl would smile and kick her feet as if she had never had such a good time. The little boy on the other hand, no way were we getting a smile from him! These silly babies nearly got us thrown out of the place with their crazy antics…

This is such a great show, there are lots of vendors, food and people just having a great time. Sorry I didn’t let you know ahead, so you could have joined the fun!


  1. Darnit! You beat me to the post!!! We had soooo much fun with you and the crew this weekend...we miss y'all already.

    J & J

  2. Double darnit , Joy! I'm not even close to doing a post yet! I'll see you at Oregon City as a shopper , not a seller :0( Sue

  3. I loved the ponderosa, how fun was that. That sale is one not to be missed. Things were beginning to look a little bare by mid afternoon, a great sign that every one was doing well. I will soon post myself on that sale.

  4. Gotta love that cute little bunny rabbit.

  5. Joy!
    Looks like ya'll had a great time! We were spending time in the exact opposite of the Ponderosa .... rain forest on the Olympic National Park ...
    Have a great week!
    Hugs ...
    Betty :)

  6. The Cartwrights will forever have a home at the Ponderosa...it was such a pleasure to have you guys there, the icing on the cake (oh yea, that was cobbler)

  7. Oh Joy, it looks like you had a wonderful time! Hurray! Those babies are cute! You know why the little baby BOY didn't laugh, don't you? He's a man at a sale with a bunch of women! Some men would love it (like Adam and Little Joe), but the baby must be like someone who lives here!


  8. How much fun was that? I'm loving all the animals you got to hang with! Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your prayers. I'm tired and sore, but better. ~Mindy

  9. Hi Joy! Looks and Sounds like you all had a great time at your show... We're stilling talking about Barnhouse, so glad we got to spend time with you, looking forward to seeing you in Spokane, for The Mad Hatter Event... in October. Hey! Oliver turns #1 on Wednesday, we have a BIG Party planned for him...pictures soon!!!Best, Glad & Cel

  10. Hey Miss Joy!
    Any sales at your place this fall?
    I'd love to list them on my calendar.
    Leaving town on vacay so won't make it to Diane's or Cindy's sale on saturday.
    Betty :)
    ps - I noticed the layout changes ... are they new or am I just having an "episode"? ha ha ha! nice work!