Monday, August 3, 2009

A Lovely Wedding

beach setup kimmy 092 They were filled,

beach setup kimmy 097they were hung,

beach setup kimmy 099

all lined up and ready.kimmys wedding 007 kimmys wedding 008 Saturday was the day.

The flowers werekimmys wedding 012 beautiful.

kimmys wedding 070 kimmys wedding 037

kimmys wedding 074

kimmys wedding 081The cake was delivered.

kimmys wedding 040 kimmys wedding 060 The guests were gathered.

kimmys wedding 058 kimmys wedding 057

The helpers were helping.

kimmys wedding 087Just waiting…kimmys wedding 037-1

for the love birds.kimmys wedding 027

Sadly this is when my camera battery died… Thankfully there are professionals on the job!

When I recharged the battery it was reception time. Let’s eat!kimmys wedding 025

kimmys wedding 066 Let’s dance!kimmys wedding 064

kimmys wedding 071-1

A perfect day!

kimmys wedding 096 kimmys wedding 085


  1. Joy --
    Kimmy's wedding looked lovely! Where was it held? The columns are FABULOUS ... and the FLOWERS .... and the HAPPY PEOPLE! (That's the BEST part!!)
    Hugs and have a super week ...
    Betty :)

  2. Ahh, the flowers, the architecturals, the personal touches, the love. It looks like a beautiful day for such a beautiful occasion. Thank you for sharing. ~Mindy

  3. Such a beautiful backdrop for an outside wedding! Love the way the material banners were hung....and love the quilt backdrop too! Did you do the decorating??
    Thanks for giving us a glimpse of what looked like a glorious day...

  4. beautiful pictures ~ beautiful wedding ...and the outdoor setting is so gorgeous.

  5. Joy,

    I had the pleasure of meeting you at this last The Farm Chick's Show (we were in Bay 1, with the telephone pole) and wanted to comment on your wonderful booth and blog. I'm so new at this blog world and but catching on. Beautiful wedding and enjoyed the lovely pictures.


  6. What a beautiful wedding! We are up to our eyeballs in wedding week around here! Your pics have inspired me to keep calm and know that everything is going to be lovely!!!


  7. That wedding ought to be in magazines! Did you decorate? We have a wedding on Sat. Don't know if it will be that stunning!

  8. Oh Joy, I love the colors and that quilt for a background amazing!
    Have a wonderful Weekend, Erin

  9. This is a truly lovely wedding! the colors are so pretty and I love the simple ideas that were chosen! it's so nice to see such an elegant wedding done in such a way! thanks for sharing with all of us!

  10. How beautiful. The lovely pictures show how much love and joy the day held. Thank-you for sharing.

  11. So lovely!!

    Linda & Dixie
    The Funky Junk Sisters