Monday, March 17, 2008

Busy Days

Lots of fun in our part of the world these past few days. I keep trying to be part of all of them, but I know I miss a few. I need to try harder.. Actually I do a few that I don't report, for a couple of reasons. Occasionally I forget my camera, but sometimes I'm sure you wouldn't be interested, and then there are those things I do that later I ask myself, what the heck did I do that for and I am just hoping no one was watching!!

If you have been keeping up (and of course you wouldn't want to miss a single post) you know that last Friday was the first day of Black Berry Junction

I have heard from several people who went this past weekend, they said the show was wonderful. Lots of people buying, and lots and lots of merchandise well displayed. One of the great things about this show is, they have a back stock of merchandise and are continually adding more as space allows.

Friday afternoon I was helping my friends Celia and Renee with a Alice in Wonderland Tea Party at their business, The Purl District. I packed up the pink and green "pretties" I thought they might be able to use, made a few mini cupcakes and scones and off I went to help.. Celia is always planning something for her customers, the next event is a picnic. The customers generally come with project in hand (bag) visit, eat, visit, get prizes, visit, work on their projects. Then they visit and this time there was a young woman doing hand massages ... so of course it is a fun time for everyone.

I was up again early, early Saturday morning, because Martha and I were off to Flourishes
it was their kick off event. The goal was to be there at 8 am... Aleda and Bill Breese recently acquired this property in Washougal that once was home to Willows Nest. All I can say is WOW, how beautiful!! It was like a welcome to spring. There was not one thing there that wasn't crying, take me home you know you love me!!
It is a lovely drive, up the highway along the Columbia River, here is where I should break into song... over the river and through the woods to Flour-ishes we go!! But lucky for you I won't... She has all the upcoming events listed on her blog. Naturally she does, as she is not one to let a single detail slip by!! One of the things her sweetie did was build a big, big stone fireplace in the gym where they had this show. Yes, he is a good worker and all around nice guy!
I am looking forward to all their upcoming adventures!
We like to make a day of it, when we go that direction, because there are several places we enjoy between here and there. But this Saturday we had a 40th birthday party for my friend Gail. I would show you the pictures, but in my haste to get "it all together" the camera was left behind. Her actual birthday isn't until the 26h of March so, I have time yet to capture "the moment"!!

My brain is on overdrive thinking of things I want to do before Farm Chicks. There are not enough hours in the day or days in the week to get it half done. Sunday, after church I was trying to catch up on some blogs, I read Pam's and she linked to this so of course I had to listen.. That's when I decided to go see my mom and dad. Hope all of you had a great weekend, doing the things that are important to you.


  1. Joy, It was a fun day. Can't wait to do it again! xoxo M.

  2. Busy, busy girl!

    Everyone loved all the items you let me borrow to make the baby shower pretty. I've posted pics on my blog so you can see all your lovelies...

    ps: I left you a vintage hanky lavender of course!

  3. Joy - It was such fun to meet you at Flourishes. Can't wait to go again. You might enjoy my pictures from Saturday. You have my new yellow birdies in one of your pictures. They are so sweet. I loved every minute but most enjoyed meeting friends - new and 'old'. I'll be back again to see what you are up to. ~Adrienne~

  4. Good heavens, you just get busier all the time! Sounds like all fun too!


  5. Do you ever have a chance to sit? LOL I want to email you...I cant find your email address heres mine, I am wondering if I could get a few of those test tubes your friend has, and also, did you see those silver balls at Blackberry, Stacey got 3 but she would like 3 more, they were in the back right hand black and white you know who I can ask to see if they still have some left. with the price of gas we dont want to make the trip again if they dont have them. talk to you soon. Laurie

  6. You always have the best days...
    Lots of eye candy & creative decor around you!
    Looks like Flourish was the place to be...

  7. Looks like you have been as busy as Miss Lisa!!! You girls have so much fun together doing the things you love to do. Way to go!

    Happy Easter!!!!


  8. When are you going to blog again Joyful?