Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Still procrastinating

I know everyone is surprised to see me post again so soon, but I know you need the latest update on tax torture... I made some progress, I got a few things out and got a phone call that I had to act on quickly.... I retrieved my purse/camera... and while I was out... then one thing led to another and...next thing I knew, it was waaaay to late to tackle taxes..
Speaking of cameras here is a peek at spring, it was taken last week at

Martha's. Her house was all decked out for Easter, we took many of the same photo's, she posted hers while mine stayed in the camera...now that Easter is past, I think you should check it out on her blog as, it seems a little ridiculous to post Easter at this late date...does this procrastination thing keep coming up to annoy me, or am I being over sensitive...

This has to be the sweetest dress ever, Isabel got it a few weeks ago, I do believe it would make the most adorable wedding dress.
We had a sleepover at Isabel's this weekend, or maybe a sewingfest would be a better way to describe the time. You will see both Isabel and Lisa slaving away as they get things ready for Farm Chicks!!
I finished an apron while I was there. I forgot to take a picture of it... I should have had that cute girl in the lace dress try it on... I finished this one earlier in the week Looks like I should have either cropped this picture or folded the pink blanket in the back ground.. opps! But this little lady is getting ready for Farm Chicks and there was no time for those little details!!
Here are some darling little ladies/princesses in fact!
And one very scary, prince to fight off the dragons!!
Enough already!! I have to do the taxes!!


  1. Yeah, yeah....here I am still reading blogs rather than doing my taxes.

    I really must get to it...

  2. Joy, it is always sooooo much fun to spend time with you!! Thanks so much for coming over and for bringing me those gorgeous roses!! Can't wait to see you again! Love,

  3. Joy, you crack me up!
    My daughter loved your manequin and wants to know where to buy one?!
    Have a great rest of the week, even though its SNOWING!!! I think Mother Earth is confused!!!


  4. Hey did you do your taxes yet?
    What a fun way to spend your time...no, not the taxes, your friends & sewing!
    You always have way too much fun...