Monday, March 24, 2008

The Worst!

Of all the things I can think of, doing my taxes has to be the worst. It has every thing I am not good at all rolled into one miserable time. First would be the organization aspect, that goes without saying... then the fact that it is all suppose to add up the same twice... seriously, why?? The year is over what can we do about it now?? The fact that all those little pieces of paper are everywhere and need to be rounded up, figured up and made into a neat little package makes me want to... keep reading blogs??? An extension is just delaying the inevitable, since it has to be done sometime or does it?? Oh yeah I suppose it does, I would hate prison I know I would.. But a few more minutes won't matter....
We had a nice Easter at my sister Toni's yesterday. It was a small gathering for dinner, the 6 of us and the 3 of them, we miss our big girls

and our sweet baby Addie.In our family you are the baby until a new one comes along... doesn't matter if it is 2 or 22 years. Miss Addie and Dusty share a birthday she will be 2 April 17 and Dust will be 27. There is a party waiting to happen.

Early Easter morning we went to get our left over treasures from Black Berries, it was so different seeing it decorated in all its glory to cleared out!! That is a fun show it is nice that it lasts several days, it makes all the hard work setting up seem worth it. Braeda has lots of shots of Black Berry Junction during the show and after. It was fun working with all those women who spend hours getting that show going a couple of times a year.

I have been buying treasures for Farm Chicks,

which is to be held in Spokane Washington, June 7tha and 8th. I even have some pictures I am anxious to share, too bad I left my purse at Toni's yesterday with the camera in it!!
It seems as if I have delayed the taxes as long as I can so... wish me luck! I hope I don't get sucked into that black hole some might refer to as an office.


  1. Oh, I understand! Glad you had a nice Easter though! Miss you.

  2. I'm having a hard time focusing on taxes this year too! Bleh.

  3. I think we are the only ones who get our taxes done early. We have ours back already....... I know- who cares!!!

    I loved your display at Blackberry's. In fact, my daughter came home with something of yours!
    We are going to Farm Chicks this year, I am very excited for it!

    Have a great day and happy crafting:)

  4. Hi Auntie,
    You are so sweet to post us. We miss you tons too and we can't wait for our visit. It will be here before we know it! XOXOXO