Friday, March 28, 2008

Great Old Stuff

Earlier this week I bought several boxes of "linens", there were 4 quilts, 3 chenille spreads, several table clothes, 2 sets of quilt blocks never sewn together and even vintage fabric. All the boxes were from the same estate, and it is interesting that most every thing is brighter colors than I prefer, almost every thing has red in it..
What is it about fabric that I am so drawn to?? I love fabric! I especially love old quilts, especially ones hand quilted and well used. I appreciate the ones hanging at quilt shows, they are beautiful, but give me a time worn, washed, and well loved one, I can't say no. It doesn't matter how dirty and smelly. Even holes and rips can either be mended, or the piece can be reused in a project. I also hate to pass on an embroidered piece for the same reason.
Fortunately, I am the self proclaimed queen of laundry. If you have ever been to my house unannounced, you have seen a pile or 12 waiting in line to be next in the tub!! Almost everyone comes in our house through the back door, which is a straight shot to the washer and dryer.

I always wash everything used I buy, made of fabric. It is amazing, even if they look clean how dirty they are. One of my biggest thrills is to check how dirty the water is, they dirtier the water the bigger the thrill!! That is one of the things you probably could have been just as happy not knowing. I have found that I'm not the only one who gets this cheap thrill! Some time I will confess my addiction to rit dye...
These curtains were in the bottom of a box of old linens. I thought they were fabric, but I couldn't figure out what kind of fabric until I got them home. Well friends, they are not fabric at all!!

These curtains/drapes are made of paper!! They have the texture of old wall paper. The second picture is of the back, the bottom one is the valance. I assume you would put a rod through that one and use drapery hooks on the other.
This caused me to have a flashback from my childhood. Do you remember curtains made of plastic? I don't think I have seen any in the last forty or so years, most likely because it was very fun to pull them apart and put your fingers through them... Don't get me wrong I don't want any plastic curtains, fun as it was.. they are a little to similar to vinyl table clothes. But these paper ones are pretty cool!!

It seems as if I have found lots of red things lately.. Its not that I don't love red, but in its watered down!! I realize there are lots of red lovers, so I won't pass up a good deal on something that has red, it just makes it easier to not keep!!

This is just a small piece, but it is so pretty!
I have had this chair for quite some time. I have had different things covering it's redness. The goal is to make a slip cover.. Not as easy as the slipper chair, that I made a slip cover out of chenille, that was a snap!!

I think this drapery fabric would make a great slip cover.. I have 6 of them, so if I mess up I will have plenty to redo..
It is the arms that have me in a quandary, fortunately I found this lovely slip cover in one of the boxes of linens. I can use it for a pattern, and not feel bad about cutting it apart.

I did find something pink, I might just have to keep!! Yes it might be a duster, but it is a lovely one.
Notice the beautiful buttons? I would always wear my pearls so I wouldn't look dowdy. It appears to be see through, so I would always wear a slip, there I am back to dowdy...
Tyson was home and noticed the little lady "Graycie" modeling the house dress, she had also recently modeled the pink apron with her cowboy boots. He says, "Mom, this is creepy, really creepy. It looks like you don't want to be alone so you have someone in here with you, that is creepy!" And I ask you, "What 's so wrong with wanting to be with the one you love??"


  1. The paper curtains are nifty.

    I actually like the red chair.

    For some reason you managed to post this tomorrow. How weird is that?

    I'm still procrastinating...

  2. Actually I should have left it as Saturday the 29th, that would be proof that I no longer procrastinate, I will now be known as the "one" who gets things done EARLY!! Even before the day has begun???

  3. Hi Joy!

    So nice to see a new post from you, but I wish you would have showed the chenille bedspreads and quilts you found. Maybe next time. Gotta love the dirty water.



  4. Oh My! Did you say red? Can't wait to see the new stuff. Did I tell you that I am treating myself to The Farm Chicks Sale for my birthday. All you guys are posting stuff to take to the sale and I can't wait. Tata for now. Pam

  5. Whenever I need a smile or a chuckle, I visit your blog. Now that I know you, I can envision you right here with me just chatting away and laughing that wonderfully infectious laugh you have. You're the coolest chick! Honestly.

    Thank you for posting such lovely notes on my blog. Good luck on winning my giveaway!!

    Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

  6. Hi Joy, thank you for stopping by my blog earlier and leaving a comment it was so kind of you.

    I wonder if your paper curtains are the same kind of paper as a tablecloth my mum has. It's a Christmas cloth and my mum adores it, she has had it on the table during the holidays for at least 8 years, she even puts it in the washing machine and it comes out like new!


  7. Hi Joy,
    I love your drapery fabric. Is it gray? I have faith in you making that slipcover. Just make it bigger then you'd think it should be. You can always take it in. Making it bigger is another story. You'd have to find another chair!

  8. Hello from The Farrier's Daughter! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I am slowly learning this whole process, and it's so nice to hear encouraging words. I have not yet made it out to your shop; however, I have heard wonderful things about it. Your last event was on the same day as my daughter's birthday party, so I was busy with a house full of clowns-literally! Haha!

    I look forward to getting out your way soon. Take Care,


  9. Wonderful finds, Joy! Love them! It is always fun to find a fun or funky piece at the bottom of the box that you didn't know about! Love the paper drapes idea! When they get dirty, you can just rip them down and toss them. (Or use the paper for another project since I can't through anything pretty away)! Can't wait to see the tablecloths.

  10. You got some great things! It's a good thing I wasn't at the same sale - we might have had to fight over some of that. I remember a house we moved into when I was 4 years old. It had paper curtains and my mother didn't want me to play hide and seek in them. They were later replaced with the plastic drapes until she found the perfect old barkcloth drapes and a good price. If only I had those 'ugly' drapes now! I, too, love to watch the water turn brown while my linens and old fabrics soak. There must be a name for that sickness! Hope you will show us what you do with all the pretties you found. ~Adrienne~

  11. Been thinking of you, too and will call later today. Miss you!!! M. PS Project coming together well!


  13. Like your new banner! Very springy. Sorry I haven't called, but I've been thinking of you. I've been crazy busy. How is your new item coming along? XOXO, M.