Friday, September 25, 2009


Whatever you do, don’t let the flu catch up with you! Run, hide, take your vitamins, get plenty of rest (probably where I messed up) but do not get near the flu, or you will be very sorry. I spent most of last week either wishing I was dead, or thinking I must be, was I ever sick! And take it from me, I am not good at sick! (Who is?)

Nothing like being sick to make you appreciate the days your not…

Thankfully my friends came to the rescue, they cleaned, organized, decorated, brought food and totally got the store ready for the show at the house Friday evening and Saturday.

I was there but not at “the top of my game” as they say so there are few pictures.

Here is a great shot of Jen

homegrown deepwood 030 Her business is

homegrown deepwood 034

and she, has mountains of “needful” baby items and aprons.

homegrown deepwood 002

She is a worker like you can only hope to have help when the clock is ticking!

And I also cannot thank Pam, Karen and Jori enough for all the work they did, while I laid on the bed and whined…

Naturally Dave the Driver, became Dave the Digger and proved that he could have a new career as a yard boy…

(let’s not tell him I said that)

homegrown deepwood 042

The fact that I got any pictures was a miracle, but we had a great time and why would we care that it

“rained on our parade?”

Sunday turned out to be beautiful sunny, we had a lovely day set up on the lawn of a local mansion, Deepwood. I have done this show several times, but I have always been in the shade garden.

This year it was the front lawn for me and I loved the spot.homegrown deepwood 058

There was room beside me to set up a little spot to relax…

homegrown deepwood 051

Entice some shoppers.

homegrown deepwood 063

homegrown deepwood 064

He loved my space.

homegrown deepwood 077

There was even room for Sam to promote his show…

Evidently he is planning a model train convention next week???

I am taking a couple of days off this week to enjoy a visit with my cousin, she brought her mom, to see her sister (my mom.)

We are off to Portland for a couple of days to enjoy a quilt show and a little junking.

Next week or is that nest week I will be heading to Spokane for the

June Bug Show.

All week I have been out finding lots of new treasures to sell. It will be fun to pull them out and pack them up… (not the fun part)

And get this show on the road!


  1. Oh, Joy, so sorry you were so sick! That sucks!!! I was planning on coming to see you at Deepwood, but my girls really wanted to do the Walk for the Cure... Let's plan a crafting day... Maybe after Spokane? Love you,

  2. Hi Joy, I'm glad you are feeling better. I guess that would be Judy and Aunt Jean coming. Wish I could be there to see them. Love you, Terri

  3. Hi, Joy -
    It was so good to see you at Deepwood and to have a chance to talk to you abit. And, once again - thank you for your encouragement! I loved your spot. Maybe next time I'll get there early enough to shop. I have some nice photos to share on my blog. Maybe later today or tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing you again soon and shop and chat a bit.

  4. Hi Joy: Sorry you were so sick last week....glad you are able to enjoy Judy and aunt Jean this week. Wish I could have come with them. Do you realize how much the little guy in your post looks like Derek at that age? Especially the shot on the left? Have fun. Love, Kay

  5. Hi Kay,
    You are right he really does and I just kept thinking I know this little guy...

  6. Everything looks so beautiful, looks like a great show!

    Have a relaxing weekend,

  7. I'm glad you're feeling better. Isn't flu the WORST? Remember the day of your magazine shoot? UGH! Poor baby! Call me when you get back, I have some prizes for you.

    Love you,