Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Trip to Oz…

My little trip down the yellow brick road lead straight to Oz.  Imagine my excitement when it was my turn to see the Wizard, oh yeah a brain!!  What I didn't plan for was that the Wizard of Oz would be so OLD, and hard of hearing... I asked for a brain, he said, ”what?"  I said, “I want to be smart!” He thought I said, I want a heart. “ So, now I just love more.  Great, like I wasn’t over the top excited about almost everything already??? 

I will try again another time for a brain, who wouldn’t want to be  heart smart?? Sorry just a little attempt at humor…

I loved the way my space turned out at the

Monticello Fall Premier Show, shannon 070shannon 072 shannon 077

I also loved having Sam there, helping me

And only 2 hours later than I had planned I was on my way to the opposite side of Portland to set up for a wedding.

I was so excited to help my friend Carol set up for her daughters wedding this weekend.  We had 65 dozen pink roses to scatter in a delightful way. And you know I LOVE pink roses!076We took over the conference room at the hotel and made our own little florist workshop.  The room had windows to the lobby so we were making quite a color spectacle.  

108  184


111 253

How sweet is this?

246  248

The mother of the bride and other helpers.


Daughters of the helpers



I have been friends with these women for over 25 years and have watched their babies grow into beautiful young women.  What a pleasure it was to spend time with all of them.

I loved it!

I only took about 600 pictures so I made a collage of the bride so I could show more…  I know you will LOVE it!



  1. Beautiful wedding! Did you use Picasa to make the collage? I use it frequently and love it!

  2. Joy-you are such a wonder woman-funny wonder woman with heart! You get more done in one day than I get done in a week-I SWEAR-you go heart smart girl!

  3. Hi Joy!

    It's Louisiana girl, the one you met at Monticello, just stopping by to say "hi"! It was so great to meet you! I wish I could have stayed in Portland longer to shop the next day! Oh, well. Maybe next time! :)

    Have a great day!


  4. Joy!
    The color combo was FANTASTIC! Sorry .... just letting my pink love get the best of me ....
    Great pics and thanks for sharing.
    BTW ... when you DO find the brain store - let me know. Just be sure to text me the directions 'cause I might not remember ......
    Betty :)

  5. Joy,

    Thank you so much for all the love and energy you gave to Shannon and her wedding. It was beautiful because you shared all your talents. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends like you. The pictures you took were amazing, could you save them on a disc or send them to me. I LOVE YOU. Carol

  6. What a beautiful day!!!

    See you soon. I am in 327 at Coburg.
    Julie, Kindred Roses

  7. Bless your heart...Looks like your week has actually come together pretty good after all! The roses and the bride are amazing!
    Thank you for sharing!!

  8. Hey Joy!

    I wanted you to know that I posted about my trip to Monticello if you want to check it out!


  9. Good heavens what a beautiful wedding!! 65 -DOZEN- Roses? I can't imagine! Post more pics!

    Oh Joy, you did such a beautiful job at Monticello! Your space looks beautiful!! I LOVE it, and Sam's new haircut looks pretty darned cute too!

    Love you!


  10. Loved seeing you yesterday! Check out the post



  11. Loved seeing you, and buying from you at Coburg. Those roses along the fence, great idea! Looks like a marvelous festive!

  12. Hi, cutie!
    Sorry to have missed Coburg and all the wonderful people and stuff! Have you recovered? Probably BUSY with that wonderful little guy of yours.
    I have a thing or two that Jori (or is that Jory) might like, but not sure how to get in touch with her .... could you poke her for me (but not enough for a bruise ... lol!)
    Betty :)