Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I’m Off To See The Wizard

That would be me on the right.


I’m the one going for a brain…


Most definitely will pay attention to the following warning…

 th_7e7f2d43Yesterday was proof enough that I must get a brain, or at the very least, use the one I have…

I had the best of plans, get up early bake a cake for my friend whose dad died.  That was great until the very end where you brown the topping…  forgot it was in the oven and made charcoal topping…

Then next I spent 45 minutes waiting at doctor’s office and as if that wasn’t torture enough another hour waiting at Wal-Mart for it to be filled… No, I couldn’t just drive thru where I usually go, because I was going to be paying for this one myself…  Since I had lost my prescription and needed to refill before the month was over… Just a mere $60 later…

Finally I’m off to Monticello, to get my area together… With only 3 hours to do my magic, ( I need a good 8) I knock over my neighbors display (thankfully not the transfer ware). 

Naturally I’m far from finished, the store is closing.  It is time to leave, so I haul the extras out on a cart and I’m off… I have 3 hours until all the stores will close and I’m in the BIG City, so I will do a little shopping.

When I stop at the thrift store a few miles down the road, YIKES!!  No purse!!  Well now what?? I call the store, no answer…  Did I leave my purse on the sidewalk next to the dumpster?? Where I unloaded the cart??


Well naturally I must go back and look, and while I’m backing out…I’m thinking about should I try and cancel the credit cards if I don’t know if it is lost or just left inside???  And how I am going to tell the doctor I lost the prescription again…

I hit that great big pole I was parked next too… Not just a tiny little bit but 2 panels worth…

Oh great!  I suppose somehow that was my fault???

Back to Monticello, where of course every car behind me is a cop and KNOWS I don’t have my license and I will be getting a ticket…

I finally get back, and no purse by the dumpster, I’m thinking of course someone found it, sitting there waiting to be taken…

And then.. who should happen to drive by as she was leaving?


It was Joyce, the one with a key (and the brains). Thankfully I had left my purse in my space…

So, when you hear me I chanting…



  1. I'm laughing my head off (not AT you, WITH you) as I read this! What a day! Thank goodness you found your purse at the end of the story.
    Great post.

  2. Ha, I saw a bumber sticker yesterday that seemed to make sense.

    "I just do what the rice krispies tell me"

    If only it were that easy.

  3. Oh, Joy, only you would make me laugh this early in the morning!!!! Will you be at Monticello Thursday morning? Let me know if you need a place to crash anytime this week if you don't want to go all the way home!! Love,

  4. On no what a day! And on a Tuesady too! Doesn't that stuff usually happen on a Monday?

  5. Oh Joy thank goodness your purse was inside yikes that could have been a disaster, I think your guardian angels were with you. I can't wait to get over to see Monticello Antique mall.

  6. Read your blog all the time, but never comment. You just made my morning, comedy writers couldn't get it any better! When it rains it pours, now yours should be over. What's with looking for a Brain? You knew exactly where your purse was, take some credit!
    Thanks for the funny, Debbie

  7. Joy, I love you!!!!

    smile smile
    Julie, Your neighbor :)

  8. Oh my! I am laughing so much, but also at myself because I have too many similar stories to this one!
    Have a better day today!

  9. I hear you loud and clear. I have actually forgotten my telephone number. My excuse is MENOPAUSE, for everything under the sun.

  10. and to have a sense of humor about it! I would have been crying by that point! I'd go with the menopuase thing....

  11. Oh Joy...what a day!!!I was in the neighborhood today and stopped in to find they wouldn't let me see the back I just want to

  12. Oh, sweetie!
    I have had SO MANY of those days ....
    Let me know when you find a brain upgrade shop ... or a fabulous minds boutique. I don't want to pay full price and maybe we could get a discount if we each buy a new one! Honestly, I'm sure mine is just used up with all the thinking I have done my whole life ... and warranty appears to have expired?! Guess I shouldn't have done all that worrying when the kids were little ...... who knew the brain meter was running ....
    Betty :)