Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Weekend Adventures

It started Friday with a BIG garage sale. My friend Pam had closed her store over a year ago and had a basement full of merchandise to get rid of. I have the perfect driveway and tree to set up under, so why not I say, bring it on. We had quite a time coordinating our schedules, but knowing Sunday was The Coburg Antique Show I said oh well… We can do it Friday and Saturday… Opps I forgot Saturday was Albany’s Antiques in the Streets Show. She was on her own for Saturday, thankfully her husband/helper would be available. We had a great time, and got rid of a basement load of stuff!

Dave and I were still packing the truck at midnight,,, and after an hour and a half nap we were up and going. We like to be first in line because Dumbo, pulling the trailer takes up a lot of room. (more than 65 feet)

sunriver albany coburg 052

Once we get the Diet Coke unloaded we are ready to roll!.

sunriver albany coburg 053

Set up and ready!

sunriver albany coburg 057

Cool buildings downtown Albany.

Over at 4pm and we are packing and off to Coburg.

sunriver albany coburg 078

Fun being on the grass, with lots of room to spread out.

sunriver albany coburg 058

Using the limes from the wedding last weekend.

sunriver albany coburg 068

sunriver albany coburg 085

An adorable shopper.

Thrilled to be out looking..

sunriver albany coburg 089 sunriver albany coburg 091

Not that impressed with what is going on.

Doesn’t see a thing she would like.

sunriver albany coburg 124

The neighbors, just kidding, we made a quick stop at my brother’s farm, my how the nephews have grown!

sunriver albany coburg 105

sunriver albany coburg 140

sunriver albany coburg 150

Kinda makes my flimsy excuse for a garden look even worse by comparison.

sunriver albany coburg 146

We made ourselves feel better with a truck load of produce, and flowers.

sunriver albany coburg 148


  1. Wow you must be exhausted, I know I was by Saturday night, we got home from Montana on Thursday night late, I worked the next day, all day and then was up at 6:00 for Barn House and then on to Vintage Gathering and then on to my Farm Girl Gathering so when 8:00pm came Saturday night I was in bed and slept 12 hours. I can only imagine how exhausted you were. I hope to go next year to the Coburg Sale.

  2. Great photos Joy!!!!

    Gayle from Stars

  3. Oh, Joy, that looks like a 'find' heaven. Beautiful pics. Have a great weekend. TTFN ~Marydon

  4. Looks like a shopping good time!

  5. Hi Joy!

    I am visiting all my Monticello friends today. I love all your pictures. They are just beautiful! You are one busy girl, but it looks like so much fun! I'm getting ready to head to Warrenton this weekend. I'm so excited! I would ask if you have ever been, but I am sure you probably have!