Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3 Spools of Thread and A Secret!

If your assuming I’m not writing on my blog because, I have nothing going on… no not true!  I have had the best time the last few days.  It started with a road trip to Chehalis, with my friend Sheila.  She was taking a class from Julie Haymaker Thompson, that Terri Brush was hosting in her home. 

Well what a coincidence, I was doing a “ secret project” for Terri and why wouldn’t I accept the invitation to stay at her beautiful home and do the “project” there? 

I loaded up the sewing machine and all the vintage paraphernalia, I could fit in a BIG suitcase.  We took off, (only an hour late) and junked our way north…

We were greeted by the welcoming committee,

Ozzieterri brush julie haymaker 003We enjoyed tasty treats,

terri brush julie haymaker 015 

terri brush julie haymaker 016

Dinner was served

terri brush julie haymaker 035

Birthdays were celebrated.

terri brush julie haymaker 048 terri brush julie haymaker 049 terri brush julie haymaker 050 

All the guest got a beautiful present, here is mine

terri brush julie haymaker 043

necklaces 011-1

 necklaces 012

I love it but now I have a dilemma,

Should I wear my pearls?

necklaces 002

Should I wear my diamonds?

necklaces 011-1

Should I wear both?

necklaces 020

That’s what I thought too!

While I was busy working on the “secret project”.

This is the class sample, that Julie was teaching.


Look what the ladies learned in the studio.terri brush julie haymaker 066

terri brush julie haymaker 067 terri brush julie haymaker 068

These are even more amazing in person.

On Sunday Julie taught this class.

terri brush julie haymaker 041 Next time Julie is teaching a class anywhere nearby, I hope to be attending!

I emptied 3 spools of thread  that I took for the project! I had to stop sewing when I broke the only needle I brought with me! 

But I am happy to say I finished the “project” and I had a great time doing it!

I am so excited that I will be going to Terri’s

Spring Art Camp

What a treat to be totally pampered and surrounded by a fun bunch of ladies, learning new techniques and having time to work on them!

The “secret project” will be unveiled at an event Tiffany is hosting for 15 women, this Saturday.  I will post some pictures after that. It is all very exciting, be sure to stop back to see what kept me

“with the pedal to the medal”.

terri brush julie haymaker 103


  1. WOW!! What a beautiful time you must have had. Everything looks fabulous. Great post.

  2. I can't wait to see what you did. Looks like you had a lot of fun. I think you need to wear it all. Florence

  3. How beautiful, fun and inspiring!
    I lived in Chehalis for 8 years. My daughter lives there again right now! Works @ the S.bux by WalMart!

  4. Hi Joy! From the looks of the photos it looks like you and the others had a great time! I can't wait until Easter weekend when my daughter and I are attending her Bling Bling necklace workshop!! Gonna be fun - I can't wait to see the photos of your "special project" you are doing!

  5. Sounds like so much fun! Can't wait to see your fabulous project!

  6. lucky you.... art camp looks like a lot of fun! And yes I agree...pearls, diamonds, wear it all at once!

  7. WOW! Everything looks so beautiful and FUN!!! What a great trip!

  8. Joy, I am missing you! Guess what I used all that wonderful lace on the card that you put in my b day present. I created and rested between workshops last week in a great guest house on the ocean cliff. I am catching up on ZZZZ's now that I am home. I got in late last night . I can not wait to see the post about Terri' special class but google is having problems with images coming up with her post right now and I was off line all last week. I bet the girls LOVED your booklets and her classand the whole wondeful treatment that wetn with it all . I am so happy to have my own special "Joy" booklet that you made for me !!It is almost as lovely as you and it will always remind me of when we meet and became friends!!!

  9. Looks like a fabulous time! Definitely over the top!


  10. Love the projects! I agree, the pearls and the diamonds together! So much time and effort was put into a great weekend. Thanks for sharing it with us!!! xoxo Laurie