Monday, March 8, 2010

No Such Thing As Beginners Luck

I’m pretty sure you would agree, it’s not luck that brings success.  It can only be great planning, and the hard work that it takes to execute that plan to see your dreams come to reality.  When Timi dreamed up this idea

CJWU Sale Poster Final_thumb[7]

she had a great idea, but it was all the little (and big) details that she saw through to completion that made this the absolute incredible success that it was.

I am so happy that I was invited to participate, it was the first of many great events that she will be hosting. 

If you are thinking about going to Farm Chicks and are wanting to make it an even more memorable experience, I would encourage you to check this out, you won’t regret it! Timi will be dreaming up plans that will make all of us wish we had gone on the Junk Bus!


 Come Junk With Us

I took my camera.

timis 078 

Wish I had taken lots of wonderful pictures,

timis 070 

but … I will spare you my pitiful excuses.

Lucky for all of us Timi had the foresight to include Amber of

Tres Bird Photography

in her plans if you want to see wonderful photos that capture the spirit as well as the moment, check out Ambers pictures!


Now that I am back home, from all of that fun and excitement.  It is time to get my crew in gear… I guess that would be me…

Saturday March 13

9am until 4pm

4 Friends for Blog with pink banner

I will be having the shop open and I am doing some MAJOR shuffling in the house (no Dave is not moving out), there will be lots and lots of treasures from the house moving out to the shop, looking for new homes. 

I hope you will come by on Saturday and see if some of my prized possessions would be,

just the thing you were looking for!


  1. I am so looking forward to seeing you Saturday. Sounds like you had a great show, I will have to plan for the next one, I am thinking. Hugs Florence

  2. Look at you giving me some blog lovin!! What a sweetie:) I LOVED chatting with you..we must do it again..soon!!;)

  3. Such a small world! I didn't find your blog through Timi,,,I found it through "A Thing for Roses."

    I bought your darling yellow floral chest on Friday night! I posted it on my blog and I'm excited to add you to the list for blogs to visit from the event! Your booth was darling!
    And I love my chest (took me about 90 seconds after the doors opened to buy it!)

    How fun was our dear Timi's event??? I hope you had a good Saturday too! I'm adding you to my post after I leave this comment!! Thanks for participating, looking forward to seeing you in the future and I am now following your blog!


  4. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Thanks Joy! It was so much fun having you attend. You know now you are going to be required to attend all my events.
    Mandatory fun! Why? Because you are part of the Come Junk With Us posse now. ;-)