Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What Was I Thinking??

I had a GREAT idea a couple of weeks ago…  I thought how smart it would be for me to move all the stuff out of the shop that wasn’t actually ready to be sold.  That sounds reasonable… My idea was to take one of the rooms in the house and make it my studio, making more room in the shop to display items for sale.

That sounds reasonable until you consider, all this is not going to fit in one room… And the other issue being, I haven’t had time to actually implement this plan until Monday… 

Good thing I am not having the house open for this sale!

I had a lot of input about which would be the best room to use as a studio.

  One of my friends, summed it up with,

“try one room and if you don’t like it you can always change it later, not like you haven’t ever moved stuff around before…” 

Oh yippee something to look forward too..

So, with only 2 days left until  

4 Friends for Blog with pink banner

I am busy moving stuff around and around and around… 

I’m sure you will be surprised at how big the shop seems without all the
”extra clutter”.

You don’t want to see how the house looks with all the

“extra clutter”.

Hope to see you Saturday!


  1. Oh how I can relate. I have a cottage cabin full, it is intended to be my studio, so every time I start moving things some where ends of cluttered. See you Saturday. Hugs Florence

  2. I'm a Candidate for "Horders", when it comes to my studio, craft area! Think mid 80's playroom for two boys- indoor outdoor carpeting and fake wood paneling in the basement of this 90 something year old bungalow--meets my crafting crap,,,errr supplies!
    I had a studio,,,,a blessed 4000 square feet! FREE! for about 3 months when I started my cake toppers/b-day hats,,,,and then, the NERVE! My best friend actually leased her building and I moved home. Accck!!!

    I've only had a couple of VERY dear and VERY understanding friends "down there" amidst the chaos! My goal by the end of the year is to have it so G-Darn cute that I can invite the masses!
    Oh yeah! We'll see!

    Thanks for parting with your little yellow chest! I truly love it, I snagged it, as you most likely know about 90 seconds after I got in to Timi's event!

    It IS in a good home,,,,and one of these days I'll make you proud to see it as part of my wonderful craft room!

    It WILL happen!

    Hope to see you soon and I'm following to see what you are up to!

    PS,,,I ran into Timi yesterday at Annie's while I was doing Chamber Stuff. She looked like she'd been sleeping in her "Funky Junk" T-Shirt, green sweater and apron since last time I saw her was Friday night, but apparently they were shooting some additional photos for promotions/events!

    Stay in touch!

  3. I -so- understand as you know! You've been working so hard! Am so anxious to see you!


  4. Joy, Where do I get directions to your shop, I can't remember how to get there once I'm in Silverton...I'm stopping by yours first!

  5. I wish I'd had the opportunity to go to Cindy's or all the way up north to Timi's new sale. I won't be making the 4 Friends sale either. Your pictures look wonderful. I know I'll catch up with you sometime!! Hope tomorrow goes well.

  6. Oh, Joy, I'm so sorry I couldn't be part of the sale with Betty and have a chance to stop by to visit you yesterday! I'm sure she probably told you that I've really been under the weather all week and there was no way I could join the fun! I'm so sad today but so thankful to see the blue skies and the sunshine! Thinking of you and looking forward to seeing all the photos and hear all about your day. I am getting better and I PROMISE to be well for the next sale!!!

  7. Hi! I'll be in Silverton today and want to come to your show. A friend gave me her postcard with your phone number, but I lost it. Can you give me the address and/or directions? You can email me at courtneyg[at] Thanks!