Monday, August 2, 2010

Barn House Flea Market


I spent the early part of last week drinking lots of this.

barnhouse flea 001 

While I worked like a crazed maniac, trying to “get it all together” for BH Flea Mkt.

I knew they would have and incredible space.

barnhouse flea 049

And of course I was not disappointed!

Expecting to pull up to an almost empty field, or at the very least a few spaces with some merchandise scattered about, when we pulled in to unload Thursday afternoon, I felt like I had arrived at

The Land of Over Achievers!

I was there 2 days before the show was to begin and I was one of the last to start setting up!

The amount of work and planning that Joe and Jermonne put into  this show is unbelievable.  They set the bar high and none of their vendors wants to bring anything but their best.

It really is an honor for me to be included in their events.  For a few days before the show, I find myself trying to decide between the anxious and panic button, fumbling along in my normal fashion.

Yet when we arrive, although everyone is busy hot and tired, they take the time to greet us make us feel welcome. It feels like family. It is fun when I first get there, to walk around where everyone is working on their space, to say hi and to see all their bounty!     

Sylvi’s husband built an amazing structure out of old barn boards for her space.

barnhouse flea 027

She filled it with all sorts of wonderful vintage treasures.

barnhouse flea 022

Lisa had stocked her space to the brim with her best!

barnhouse flea 024

Isabel had all sorts of merchandise ready to go!

barnhouse flea 054 

Deb and Bob from Retreat.

barnhouse flea 030

My neighbors Tracey and Clarke with her adorable daughter Lindsey.

barnhouse flea 048

Beautiful treasures from Worthy Goods space.


barnhouse flea 038

Cindy with my niece Emily and sister Toni, who were there helping.

barnhouse flea 068

How sweet is this little shopper?

barnhouse flea 070

Here is Katherine, by far the most popular girl there.  When she sold the last of the bazillion coconut cupcakes she brought, they were renamed "crackcakes”… you can imagine why!


barnhouse flea 034

And the “STARS” of the show!

Thank you so much!


  1. Yep, I can relate with so much.... Last one to set up... Feeling like an under-achiever when faced with so much greatness, panic, anxiousness.... But most of all.... Family.... Love... Happiness!!! Love you much!!

  2. Thank YOU for posting these photos. I want to come up for one of these shows so bad...I can taste it...or at least taste a crack cake!
    Everything looks amazing and I predict this will be as big as Round Top/Warrenton one day. I hope the BHBoys are ready to be stars!
    P.S. Cute, cute photo of Isabel!

  3. You told the story perfect. The bar is set and is never a disappointment. Hope to see you at Molly Mos. Hugs Florence

  4. It was a GREAT show.......except the cupcakes SOLD OUT before I was able to get one, darn! The crowd was amazing, is it always that big? I have some photos posted on my blog, as well. Take a've earned it!

  5. What a wonderful blog you have created! This is the first time I have had the pleasure of reading about Auntie Joy. What wonderful photos! It was so crowded, all I got were several pics of the barn while I waited anxiously in line for the opening... and thank goodness there are so many great photos taken of this wonderful event. Thank you!

  6. It was such a great show! And you were unbelievably generous to share the very last of your "crack cake" with Debbie and I! You're the best!!!

  7. Oh Joy! Your pictures are divine! I didn't even know about the crack cake. What a marvelous show. I still can't believe it, feels like I dreamed it. You are right about the love and family feeling being the best part. Love you!

    P.S. Remind me to tell you a funny story about my flash cards.

  8. Loved spending time with you at Barn House . . . and it seems the kids enjoyed it too!! You are always a ray of sunshine . . . so glad you always spread the warmth :) . . . xo - liz

  9. oh how I wish I could have been there! You should have a booth at remnants of the past in October so I can see your stuff. travel to beautiful central california....please! :)

  10. BEAUTIFUL!!! I love reading all the stories about BH, thank you for capturing 'the feeling' of that day! Lisa :-)

  11. I followed you over from the barn house blog. It looks like so much fun...I want to see every picture. I won't miss it next year!

  12. As usual, it was such an honor and pleasure to have had you and your family with us. This will definitely go down in history as my favorite BH show...and a big chunk has to do with you! We love you...thank you for being Joy! :o)