Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Molly Mo’s, Life in the Country

We had a perfect day for an outdoor event Saturday.

This show is an absolute pleasure to do, it is so close I could practically walk there, but since I need the trailer, it seems more prudent to take the truck…  And it also would take me at least a week to walk the 15 miles…  But still it is closer and easier that many of the shows I do.  I also love seeing people I know from the community. 


Occasionally I have a great idea that no one but me thinks is all that clever.  Take for instance, this ever so funny display of what I was calling slip monkeys…

molly mo's 003

What was actually an adjustable mannequin that I hung in a tree to display the slips…

molly mo's 013

But looked like a monkey to me…


Maybe people were thinking sock monkeys??


Well, I thought it was amusing…

This is the face of someone not amused.

molly mo's 006 Couldn’t get sweet baby Maddox to smile, I get the impression he was thinking,

”Why do you talk so funny?” 

Something that made me laugh out loud was when my friend told me her 3 year old granddaughter told her,

“ Actually Grandma, I appreciate it when you use your inside voice…”

(hmm, should I ever have a grandchild, I can only imagine…)

There were some very talented vendors with great displays and lots of shoppers who were delighted to take a little bit home from the country.

molly mo's 032 

Martha was serving up bird nest cake…

molly mo's 028

And who doesn’t LOVE bird nest cake??

molly mo's 043

I always love the hens and chicks in the chicken feeder, it just makes sense…



More fun in the country on Monday when Dusty had us over for a barbeque. The field behind his house has sheep living in it.  The farmer decided he needed to move them that evening…  How hard can it be to herd 4 sheep? Of course everyone would be happy to help.

dusty's bbq 015

It’s just a simple matter…

dusty's bbq 022

Every one get in place,

dusty's bbq 024

Run like the wind, yelling baa-baa…

dusty's bbq 038

Easy breezy just like, leading sheep to the slaughter.

dusty's bbq 042

“Oh no, you don’t” they baa-ed,”" not so easy!”

dusty's bbq 046

“No way are we going anywhere with that farmer.”


Just another day in the country.


  1. Fun to hang out with you at Molly Mo's. Thanks for the nice pics! Love my necklace. Might have to add another charm in the future. Take care and get some rest (ha). XOXO, Martha

  2. Loved seeing you at Molly Mo's, we need a play date. Don't you think? Hugs Florence

  3. Thanks again Joy for being a vendor and how did I miss the slip monkeys?!

  4. Looks like such a FUN event! I'd love one of the crinolines! Did you sell them all??? Email me if you've got an extra! It was the "Slip Monkey's that sold me!

    Serious as a heart attack, Joy, if you have one, email moi! Shelly39WA@aol.com

  5. One day I NEED to get to that show!! Looks like fun!

  6. I'm so happy it was wonderful for you! The photos are delightful!!