Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oregon City Antique Fair

I have done this show for several years and it is another favorite of mine. I lived in the area for several years before we moved to Silverton and have lots of “old” friends that still live in the area and generally make their way downtown to say hi!

oregon city show 029

Carol and Lisa brought this little cutie down to visit. I tried all my regular tricks to get her to smile, must be loosing my touch this was as close as we came. Mostly she was “not amused”.

oregon city show 014

There were lots of shoppers all day, these characters all showed up at the same time.

oregon city show 009

From left to right Laurie, Debbie, Isabel, Natalie, Kathleen and Lisa. Pretty sure that is Lyn hiding behind the hat…

oregon city show 037

I had lots of necklaces.

I made a few signs.

oregon city show 030

I have “a thing” for these sign holders. I can think of lots of uses for them, but I like them as just a frame.

oregon city show 019

oregon city show 033

oregon city show 025

More necklaces…

oregon city show 035

oregon city show 015

oregon city show 022

A great day full of friends, new and old.

oregon city show 040


  1. So I am passing through your images on your blog Post and it feel like I have just read a wonderful country living magazine with creative twist !!! your soldering is wonderful on the eh little necklaces, mine has such a long ways to come!! I miss my pacific north west girlfriends sooo much You all make me feel so happy ~~~

  2. I must have missed this one. How can that be? I must pay closer attention, huh? Hugs Florence

  3. Hey girlie! It was fun visiting with you Sunday. We came home with tons of great things!!! See you at Monticello next week... Laurie

  4. Love the little Bottle necklaces, Too cute! Looks like you guys had fun!

    I went to Sand Point on Sunday, it was great, but I had a bad toothache,,which kind of deterred my shopping!

    Enjoy your week!

    Hugs and Love,

  5. Everytime I look on your blog your necklaces just keep getting more beautiful! YOU are so talented and I love ALL of your work and I LOVE YOU! PKM

  6. Very cool! Sounds like fun too! It did remind me to ask you to please save my Grandma's pearl jar for me though. :)

    Very cool things.