Sunday, August 12, 2007

Home Again

It's good to be home but we did have a great time. I shopped for "treasures" the whole way to Chowchilla, California and back. We were driving the car so they had to be small but I did manage to find a few. Seems like we spent a lot of the time driving in circles trying to figure out the directions the locals gave us. People almost always point and say its just a few blocks this way and "you can't miss it" and I'm here to say "oh yes I can!!" I found a great store in Redding California the locals call POP I think it stands for People of Purpose and it was my kind of stuff. I got there at 3:15 and they closed at 3:30 they were having 50% off everything!!! It was really organized old stuff but still kinda gross and hot and smelly not for the faint of heart! I did manage to get a few things. I did not want to be locked in when they bolted the chain link fence with the barbwire on top.... Well actually I did, but Sam and Dave were on the other side waiting for me so I didn't dare.
We had a great time visiting family. Sam is in a Power Ranger phase in his life now thank you for the costumes Gail... He wore them the whole week. The hotel in Medford gave us a Power Ranger discount on our room, she was so amused . The photo below is of Sam and my Cousin Kay's grandson Dillon. The picture of the cutie with Sam the Power Ranger is Morgan she is my Cousin Judy's granddaughter. Her sister is Meredith and she is glad we didn't get her picture with the Power Ranger suit on. Sam loved playing with them they were sweet to him and lots of fun.

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