Tuesday, August 14, 2007

In case you thought I was just out looking for treasures the whole time no it is not so... I love to do projects even on vacation. I enlisted the help of my 2 favorite cousins Kay and Judy, the aprons are just part of what we did. I can't believe I actually got the picture where I wanted it the first time..I might be getting the hang of this after all.
These are the French Market Aprons by the way. I hope to have lots and lots of these and the ones from a previous post (August 6th} ready for my next show which is Oregon City on Sunday August 26. I love making these, the hardest part is trying to figure out the combination of fabrics because the possibilities are unlimited. And why wouldn't you want to agonize over such and important decision??? My sister Toni and I spent several hours last night doing just that. We decided on 12 perfect combinations for 12 new aprons, it was getting very late so I need to recheck and agonize a little more, just for fun... Then cut them out and away I go.
If you stop by my shop and catch me there I will most likely be buzzing along on my new Bernina sewing machine... My cousin Judy gave this to me, as she got a new one and knew that I would give it a good home. I might work it hard and keep it up late but I know I will love it!!!!


  1. Joy, the aprons turned out sooo cute!!! Can't wait to try my hand at it, too...!!! No wonder your creations fly off your hands as soon as you make them, they are awesome!!! Miss you much,

  2. Joy, so so cute! I can't wait to see them in person. Love you!