Monday, August 27, 2007

Oregon City Antique Faire

Here are a couple of shots of my booth at Oregon City Antique Faire. It was a beautiful day not to hot or to cool actually a perfect day in the Pacific Northwest.

It is always fun to do the same show year after year. It is great visiting with repeat customers and catching up with vendors who you have met in previous years. Generally vendors stay in the same spot year after year, so customers will know where to find them. It doesn't take long before they actually become "neighbors" you get to know your neighbors pretty well and it is one of the best part of the shows for me. Connecting with other crazy people who do what I do, where else could you meet? I suppose at a thrift store, garage sale, dumpsterdiving??? I think the 12 to 16 hours of being next to each other lends itself to a deeper more satisfying relationship.

Here I am in an apron I made for the show. I sold it to my "neighbor" Diane she had on the one she had bought before and this one over it. She had quite a style going. I love the French Market Apron but I think I prefer the bib one with the pockets it makes more since to me aprons and pockets kind of go together. I will finish the ones I have cut out but I think I will focus on the others. There are so many variations that it boggles my mind... I always like a sight ruffle and lace or rick rack..

Hard to believe I would post a picture of myself full body at that, but I know that everyone knows that computers make you look 10 pounds heavier or was that TV?? And actually I'm sure it is 30 pounds anyway!!


  1. Joy, you look simply a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!!!!! And you are sooooo much fun to have around! Like one of my daughters said, "mom, it's so weird, her name is Joy and she is so...joyful!!!" Have a lovely day!!