Thursday, August 23, 2007

Where did that week go???

It was a blur for sure.. I have been trying to make more aprons and get things ready for the Oregon City Show this Sunday, but life gets in the way of production sometimes.

I did do a tool box with my niece Emily for my sister Toni's birthday. They are so fun to make especially to customize for someone special. They are very time consuming but one of those projects that you can stay up all night and totally loose track of the time.. It was fun to do with Em, she picked the words and ideas that she thought would work and did the base coat. She had to leave so I finished and added a few of my own ideas.

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  1. Joy, so much fun today and I'm not just saying that! I so love your company and being at your house is like a special treat. Thanks so much for my "prize." I can't wait to stuff it and put it on my bed. It is perfect. Looking forward to a fun time on Sunday. Let's make lots of money, k?