Friday, August 31, 2007

How Cute is She??

This picture was taken on the 4th of July. It is of our sweet baby Addie. She is the daughter of my niece Brynne. They recently moved clear across the world to Michigan of all places!!

I tried to download some pictures I had taken the last couple of days to show you what I got at the last Antique Show. But for some reason my computer hates me and won't cooperate so I will show you this sweet baby instead.

She is so much fun and knows all the best tricks, she can speak Spanish, she can sign, and knows all the regular animal sounds that babies do. It's fun when they are learning to talk, but when it's not so fun and you've heard enough, how do you turn them off?? Maybe that is when you send them to kindergarten?

I will figure out the computer yet, just when I get one thing conquered it throws me a new issue... Where is my Emily when I need her? Probably getting ready to start her Sophomore year at Canby High School!!

I am suppose to be getting ready for a trip to the Oregon Coast but wanted to get an update out first.

Next weekend will be a busy one and I hope you can catch up with me at either Albany on Saturday or Coburg on Sunday. I will have lots of new aprons and "new" old things as well. Have a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend!!

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  1. Yes, I read you whole blog from start to finish and I must admit I I loved it! Your pictures are fun and I love seeing the wedding and our precious little Sammy! Even the pictures of ole smelly stuff are pretty and interesting. I do not appreciate your putting in a picture of me sunbathing at the dock on the beach though! You are an amazing creative person and a crazy fun friend! Pammi