Wednesday, September 5, 2007

What I did on my Summer Vacation

We had a beautiful Labor Day Weekend on the Oregon Coast. We had a great time with our hosts the Goossen's and our friends the Gibb's, both couples are from Oregon City. The picture above is the dock at Newport taken from the window of our living room.

The weather was perfect unlike I have ever experienced at the Oregon Coast. I thought I must be in Hawaii, that is until I had my feet in the water.... Oh my goodness is that ever COLD!! Sam had a great time in the waves. I kept saying not too far... I did not want to go running in after him. BRRRR!! Do children not feel cold?? His feet were freezing but he didn't seem to mind.

Dave and Sam had a great time flying the kite. It was fun to watch. The kite would go to the ground and Sam would hold it high (about 4 feet) then let it go, run back to Dave and grab the strings. The kite would go to the ground in a minute and off Sam would go again... After awhile Dave would hold up the kite (about 8 feet with his long arms) let it go run back to Sam and help him keep it in the air. What fun!!

This is a picture finally, of my treasure from the Oregon City Antique Faire. I love it and I will keep it for my own forever and ever, okay I will keep it for a very long time.. I want to use it in my office, for papers and other messy things or in the bathroom for the hundred things that cover the counter. The problem is once it is in there I might forget I have it... Oh well I'll make it work.


This other "Shoe Bag" I bought new at the Seattle Gift Show. I was planning to use it for what I will now use the other one. Thankfully I have lots of walls and if you've been to my house or shop you KNOW that I have lots of "treasures" that I can store in these wonderful organizers. I can rationalize keeping both. It is funny how you look forever to find something, at the right price of course, and then you find several all at once...

Here are some pictures from my living room. I'm getting ready to clean house, so that means when I dust it will get moved around. I have enjoyed it this way so I have hesitated to clean house...

On second thought maybe I will wait awhile to dust...


  1. Loved your pics from the beach. I'm so glad you took some pictures of your house. Keep going though, I know everyone out in blogland is dying to see your treasures. By the way, I almost bought that shoe bag at Oregon City. I love it! I have one that Isabel gave me which I adore, just haven't figured out where to put it yet. Unlike you, I don't have much wall space left. ha ha I will see you in Coburg on Sunday! I have a prize/early early birthday present for you.

  2. Joy, I use my shoe organizer hanging on the closet door to store the kids, mittens, scarves, hats, etc... In the summer I can change to summer caps, sunscreen, sunglasses... Can't wait to see you at Coburg! Love,

  3. Everything is so pretty, and who notices dust? If they do, tell them it is patina.