Saturday, September 29, 2007

More Magagzine Pictures

Here are a couple of shots

of the dining room.

This is the Family Room

I hope you found a copy of the Romantic Country Magazine. I hope to have them for my sale the first weekend in November and then again the first weekend in December, when I have my Open House and Christmas Sale.

If you could see my house now I'm sure you would say, she'll never be ready in 2 short months. We are trying to finish the upstairs. When we moved in 12 years ago I immediately started ripping the ugly paneling off the walls. I found even more hideous walls that needed repaired and that's why a short 12 years later we are putting up the drywall, then of course the taping texturing and painting to follow. You just have to love an old house...

I hope you aren't thinking that this year there will be a tour of the upstairs. Maybe sometime but I know how my carpenter/husband works and that just won't happen... I'm just hoping to get it done in the next 12 years!!!

I have a habit of starting lots of projects and sometimes it can take several false starts before I get to the end. Now is the time to finish this project. I'm sure you know that one thing leads to another and now I'm into cleaning out all kinds of closets and years worth of 'treasures'. Most of the treasures are from three big boys that have since moved out and then back in and in various stages of both. It is hard to know what is worth keeping but I'm trying to be merciless... I am however finding it easier to throw out other peoples things than my own...

Have I mentioned before that life gets in the way of progress. This week was another, full of life's happenings...

I had a full day Monday, helping a friend and going for supplies for a dinner I was organizing for 600 later in the week. Tuesday I filled in at an auction that I attend whenever I can. That evening I helped my friend Gail with her Ladies Night event at her store 'Panache, by Yours Truly'. Wednesday I made a quick trip to Eugene to take my mom to the doctor. That worked well since I could go by Costco in Albany on the way back and pick up more supplies for the dinner and run them to Sublimity to put in a freezer. Thursday was the BUSY day, I started working on the dinner at 4am and finished about 9pm... Friday I had a play day I helped my friend Lisa redecorate her living room (A Thing for Roses). On the way home I stopped at Goodwill in Woodburn and strolled through the aisles until they closed.

The reason I had some much time to myself was that Sam and Dave were out of town for a couple of days attending a funeral. I would have normally gone with them , but I had the commitment for the dinner.
When we first moved here I was constantly surprised. Whenever I would drive up to the house after being gone, I would be shocked by what the house actually looked like. In my mind it was lovely, fresh paint, picket fence, manicured lawn and in reality it was far from it...

We really have made lots of changes and progress but I get impatient and ready for this to be done so we can do something else. I have lots of ideas and I'm sure Dave knows that so really, what's the rush?

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