Monday, October 1, 2007

Pink Roses

We're making progress on the upstairs. But of course we had to make a trip to town to get supplies. We've been to Home Depot so many times they should have a reserved parking space with our name on it. There is no way I could go there and only buy what I had gone for... So I got this really sweet miniature pink rosebush. The weather here is rainy and so maybe the rose was my way of denying winter is on the way.

I have spent the day doing some bookwork and fiddling on the computer. I like the new format for the blog. It looks a lot different but I think it is easier to read.. I like the extra pictures on the left. If you don't like it, don't worry I will undoubtedly be changing it soon.

We actually went to Home Depot to get 3 new windows for upstairs. These actually open and will look so sharp from the outside. As opposed to the plywood that had been in one of the three windows for some time. They together are only 7 feet across and 3 feet high. That is good since there is a gaping hole in the wall tonight. Dave assured me the wind was blowing the opposite direction.... Did I mention the rain and how cold it has been today???

This is a closeup of the new rosebush I couldn't believe how pretty the color is. I hope the rest of the buds open.

Of course I counted and there are 7 buds. Most of the other plants only had 5, so naturally I chose this one. I love pink roses and I have one outside the back door that I moved when we left our home in Oregon City. That rose is called Fragrant Delight and is totally lives up to it's name.

Here are 2 of the pictures with pink roses that I enjoy and I have had for a long time. I'm sorry the photos are so lousy but.... I often think of what my oldest son Dusty said to me not long ago. "Mom, you are so good at so many things I'm surprised you don't take better pictures." Was that a back handed compliment?


  1. Hey Joy, I love your new layout. So cool! How did you do that? It doesn't look like any of the standard ones that come with blogger. I think you may just be getting more computer savy by doing this blog. Pictures are great too! Love you!


  2. Hi Joy! Thank you for the link!! I added you as well. :o)

    It looks like us Oregon girlies are nutsey over roses!! I do love the pink ones but my all time favorite is the yellow Sunsprite. It smells absolutely delish, blooms constantly, and best of doesn't get all those icky diseases!!

    Oh, and I do know a little about project houses. I feel for ya!

    Warmest bear hugs, Aleta