Sunday, October 21, 2007

All I Need To Know...

Sam has his first Parent-Teacher conference this week. I know he has definitely learned something..... He must of learned to make animal friends...He certainly didn't learn that from me. He has always called Cheerios, circles...I hope they don't teach him the real name...He 's in a bi-lingual class, maybe he will start calling them circles in Spanish, now that would be cool.
I guess I should just be glad he is making friends..

I bought the coolest thing ever at Michael's. They are letter stamps that have a magnet on the back. The set came with upper and lower case old fashion typewriter print. Naturally you also have to buy the metal thing that they attach too. That is another set, it comes with a piece where you can have 2 lines and one where you use just 1 line. It also comes with a single letter holder.

I have been wanting to have a stamp made so I could stamp my own business cards. I have a hard time deciding what I want the stamp to say so I haven't done it...Not to mention that I am constantly changing my mind about what I want to use for business cards and price tags. I get bored easy.. Actually I don't get bored I just get another idea and there goes the old one. I have a fascination with letter stamps. I have several sets but I think this is the best ever. I also just bought 2 sets where you attach them to a see through acrylic holder. Well I just got the rubber part, only $1.50 each set.. I bet you can figure out what I did next.. I got a roll of magnetic, sticky tape... This could lead to something ...
Here is a picture of the stamps , it is hard to tell what they look like because they are so small. Of course the original ones are better, because you get several of each letter..

This will be a great thing to keep them in, since it is metal.

My biggest issue is keeping things organized and tidy. I spend tons of time creating ways to keep it organized and then I use something and poof the whole thing is a disaster. On that note I must get busy organizing the shop!


  1. Hi Joy! Love your new stamps. I haven't used mine yet. Trying to decide how I want to use them. I had fun reading your stamps backwards. Spent the day tidying up the garage, what fun! I am also going to try to sell some stuff on craigslist. C-ya!


  2. The stamps are fab! I would have them a mess by now LOL Organization is not my thing either ;)

  3. Hi Joy! So glad that you stopped by my blog for a visit. Now, do you know Lisa at A Thing for Roses? I love your blog and have enjoyed looking at your old posts. Great things and wonderful ideas and creations. Love the tote bag!!!! Have a great day!!
    Becky in California

  4. Love that stamp- we are heading to Michaels now...well we better wait until it reopens in the morning (although that looks almost good enough to warrant a campout!!)

    kari & kijsa