Friday, October 12, 2007

Getting Ready !!

Already Friday night and another week flies by...

Lots of busy days but until today nothing I would want a picture of...

Today was state wide inservice for our schools. Sam was out of school as was, my sister Toni a teacher and my niece Emily.
Toni and I like to work together so when I have a big project she helps me and likewise I do the same for her. Sam and I spent the day helping get their house decorated for fall. We use the same basic things for all seasons but flip them around, paint them, move them inside, outside and sometimes upside down!!!

We have had the porch swing in a couple of different times.

Sometimes its out here on the porch...

This property has been in my brother-in-law's family for many years. It was once a campground where families would come from the city and play in the Pudding River, dance in the dance hall , buy treats in the little store and generally have a great time. Our family has had many good times out here on the Colvin's Pudding River Ranch !!

Today was the Canby High School Homecoming Dance, here is Miss Em
nearly ready for her date.

All ready for the desserts that will be served after the dance!

All ready for a fun time!!!


  1. Love the fall decor. Your neice looks so grown up in some ways and in other ways still like a little girl. Check out my blog for your "award."

    Love ya!


  2. Oh such pretty little girls!

    And the pumpkins on candlesticks are great!

    I have the same oval mirror, but haven't painted mine cute like yours.