Saturday, October 27, 2007

I Wish it Would Rain!

Normally I can't stand the rain. The only redeeming quality I can think of is, it takes care of watering the plants.. I love the green so I do understand the necessity for the rain, I just don't like getting wet when I'm dressed! I have things I want to do outside or I want to go out to my shop, I hate getting wet, but invariably what I need is somewhere besides in the house. Its not far enough to find my umbrella so I usually make a run for it and of course, then I'm wet!! I realize everyone in Southern California is desperate for the rain and I wish I could give them some of ours. All this is leading to my point. The news is saying its going to rain, and naturally I have lots of cleaning up to do outside so I'm running like crazy all day trying to beat the rain. I decide I will work until the first drop falls. I started early and it was after 3:00pm before the first sprinkle... I am exhausted but I did get lots accomplished. I could use several more days but I don't think I have the energy for it. What I really need to do is learn to pace myself.. Or better yet get someone else to do it??

These are the last of the flowers out of the garden.
I wish I had planted more that I could be enjoying in the house dahlias or something that is still blooming this time of the year. I could maybe plant these kale in the yard when I get tired of them in the house. Our house stays very cool so cut flowers and plants last for a long, long time. Actually they have been known to freeze in the house...don't you love old houses ??

I love the old quilt on the table under the cupboard here. I put clear glass platters under the bowls when I serve food on it so hopefully it doesn't get spilled on. I can and do wash it, but I try and be careful with it because it is fragile. I also have enjoyed the old bed spread under it. When I bought it it was fairly bright pink, which I'm sure your thinking so.... Well I thought it would be even better just a tiny bit lighter shade pink... So I used some bleach in the water when I washed it... Oops!! I was soooo sad I hate orange.. or do I??

Sam had a little friend over today before school. This is Catherine and Sam having lunch. It was your basic orange lunch.. Cheetos, cheesits, and cheese with candy corn for dessert, could that also qualify as a vegetable?? Catherine said she had never had Cheetos, is that really possible?

It has been a hectic week as I get ready for Christmas in Historic Silverton. I had a dozen friends over Thursday night, which in my world means I had to spend several hours doing the house work I had been ignoring... But I have been staying up late working on these toolboxes. I still need to add lace rickrack, glitter and some shading with paint, but I like to do this part and then make a different kind of mess later.

My very sweet friend Lisa me some beautiful vintage wallpaper that I am anxious to use. I have a toolbox already painted that it will go with perfectly...What a coincidence she would know what I would love to use!!!

I have actually been working on this post all week so I guess I will finally get it posted and I'm off to the shop, as far as the rain goes...none in sight it is a beautiful sunny day. ENJOY!!!!


  1. I love your candy corn as a vegetable idea. Think it will take off? I love seeing all of your cute tool boxes. Hope I get to see you this weekend, but if not, have a wonderful sale.