Friday, October 19, 2007

Birthday With the Big Boys!!

The two big boys on the left had birthdays this week. Tyson far left is 21!! He was the baby of the family for almost 15 years before Sam (Rocky) showed up and took his place in the birth order.. He knows he will always be my baby... Derek next to Ty was 23 on Saturday.. Doesn't seem possible since I think it's only been a few years since he was also just a baby..Seriously how did those years go so fast?? I'm sure you recognize Sam the Red Power Ranger..His brothers were thrilled that he was going to dinner in his 'uniform', they were also impressed that he gave a demonstration of all his moves and power ranger abilities.. I just tell them when they have kids they can make the rules, until then I'll be in charge...

As you can imagine that goes over like a lead balloon.

I will admit that the rules have definitely changed in the last 25 years. That's how old Dusty the big brother on the right is.. When they were little they were into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I doubt they would have wanted to wear the outfits in public...I also doubt I would have let them...

Here is a before picture of a wooden box that I picked up for a dollar or maybe free, since it was so gross.. I feel like if I have to do much work on a piece it has to come 'cheap' or really what is the point.. Other than I love to do it. There are other projects I would do for myself if I wasn't trying to make some kind of a profit.. I think it is important to get paid for the time you put in a project..I think 25 cents an hour is more than enough :) It's most likely I do this for the satisfaction and not the profit.

And now for the finished project...

Not my typical choice of colors but I like this wallpaper with the book pages. I'm liking brown more and more especially with pink and aqua...

I think it is interesting that I decorate and pick clothes for my wardrobe the same color... Is it that I want to blend into my rooms?? Or maybe I don't want to clash?? Or most likely I want to look my best where ever I am in the house!

It seems like most people I can think of have the same 'style' for home and wardrobe... If you are classic, conservative, artsy, funky or whatever... I usually have an idea what some one's house will look like before I actually see it. Sometimes I am waaay off. Some women take into account what their spouse would prefer, it actually never occurs to me that Dave would have an opinion about the house... My theory on this is don't ask!! I'm sure they will tell you if they hate it. People always ask what my family thinks of the pink and ruffles the rather romantic feminine style. I answer simply, I don't think they have noticed...


  1. WOW, Joy! That turned out great! Looks very old world!! You have the magic in you... Let's get together, I miss you! Love,

  2. Oooo... that chest turned out amazing!! I love the colors. I probably wouldn't have put them together either but they look so "gypsy" like that! Your blog is really neat. I can tell we'll have lots in common. I'll add you to my fav list. Thank you for your encouraging words! I'm still a little upset because they haven't even acknowledged the email, but what did I expect, right?! It was supposed to be just about doing what I felt I had to do. I shouldn't care if they respond. ugh. Have a wonderful Sunday! Can't wait to come back. Blessings... Polly

  3. Joy, The box is wonderful. You really turned it into a treasure. I especially enjoyed the picture of you and your boys. They will always be "our boys" no matter how old they get. I look forward to reading your thoughts and observations. It is always very insiteful and entertaining! Thanks for the chuckles!

  4. I adore what you have done with that case!! Those papers are perfect. I am redoing one now, and thought I'd paint the outside, the inside was so hard to cover with paper. It isn't easy to get it down in all the corners and turns, is it??

  5. 4 lucky gal!
    I have 2 sons and feel so blessed, I would have love to had 4!
    Loving the box redo...
    Looks fabulous!