Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Week of Big Fun!!

I'm sure you must think, why can't people post on a regular basis?

How hard could it possibly be??

It isn't so hard as time consuming and all the

stars have to line up perfectly for it to work ( I mean the computer). Well,


I'm ready to give it a go!

Saturday was the Albany Antiques in the Streets Show.

These are some pictures from Albany, many of the items have gone to new homes. The aprons were a big hit.

This is a picture of Leslie-Ann wearing her new purchase.

The weather was wonderful, a little on the warm side but that is much preferred to rain!!

I met lots of nice people and many of them were my "neighbors". I did get a picture of Diane. She had her booth next to mine.

I always intend to do more shopping while I am a show. It takes me forever, it seems to get my things organized and then people start coming and next thing I know I'm packing up to go home...

Sunday was lots of fun as well. I met my friends Martha, of Vintage Trifles and Cindy ,of Tarte (no she's not) in Coburg. It is about 45 minutes South of Albany.
Dave Sam and I were there just a few minutes before 4am. Did you know I am a morning person??

We had a great location at the Coburg Antique Sale. They put "crafters" in a new spot all together. We were on a corner across from the park. This show is always the Sunday after Labor Day.

Cindy and I did take a few minutes in the afternoon to walk around and see what was left. We were busy in our booth the whole time. We actually had three booths all in a row.

Here you can see Dave doing his favorite part. Unloading the trailer. It's a good thing he is a morning person too. He on the other hand needs to be a evening person as well, since he also gets to load the trailer and drive us home. While I on the other hand, am done, done, done and sleep very prettily as you might imagine the whole way home...

The following day was Sam's first day of Kindergarten. I have never seen anyone as excited, when the bus finally got to the end of our driveway he was literally jumping up and down. When it stopped he clapped his hands. Some might say it is a good thing he is going to school since he has spent a little too much time with his mom and has a few of her "quirks"..

I did kind of hate for it all to begin the 13 years of school, just to get to college... Even though all kids are different I have been down this path three times already, and I know that the time you get to yourself while they are at school doesn't come without a price... homework, schedules, not to mention all the big boy behavior that comes from peers... My sister laughs because he has the personality of a 50 year old woman in a 6 year old boy.. I know its not natural, but he is so sweet! He also has imaginary friends, that will probably be replaced with real doubt he will blame his bad behavior on them now instead of Pusher and Guester his makebelive buddies.. I guess we all grow up. My playmate was Blummy. Wonder what he's doing these days, now that the boys are gone I might need someone to talk to ??

My cousins Kay and Judy were here Monday afternoon. They had brought my Aunt Jean to my mom's house in Junction City and then came to visit. We had lots of fun. We shopped and sewed. They left this morning to head back to Central California.

My mom said that she and her sister had a wonderful visit. What is more precious than family???


  1. How bittersweet!!! I actually got teary eyed, reading your post...!!! Our babies are growing up! (can we stop them, please??!!). As for a new imaginary friend for you, my dear Joy, I think that new mannequin you bought recently would be a great candidate! Ask her how she lost all that fat, and then tell me! Love,

  2. So glad you finally did a post. That sandwich did look very yummy, but I was getting tired of looking at it. We need to get together and do some projects soon. Call me, K?