Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What I Love about my Home

I wanted to be part of Karla's party today. It is almost 11pm and I am just getting started on my entry. If you haven't a clue what I am talking about check out http://www.karlascottage.typepad.com/ she is having an event that links people who enjoy their homes to each other.

I keep forgetting to mention that I am in the new issue of Romantic Country. It was suppose to come out tomorrow, September 26th. My friend Lisa told me that she read in Karla's Blog that she(Karla) was also in the same issue.. what a small web we live in.. :) I am getting 30 copies of the magazine they are to be here soon I hope, Lisa said she found it at the store today??

I'm still not sure what pictures they used. The photo shoot was from 2 Christmas's ago so it kinda looks like yesterday's news to me, since a LOT can change in 2 years. Actually a LOT can change in 2 weeks! However it is fun to see the pictures, especially professional ones of your home.

When I first saw the proofs I thought oh my gosh this looks amazing... It must be the lighting?? I do love my home. It is somewhat like a revolving door, lots of new (old) treasures in, lots of old treasures out. I am very fortunate to have a business that allows me to enjoy my inventory until I sell it.

Dave (my husband) and I bought this house, which was built in the early 1920's in the summer of 1995. We were married that year on the 4th of July!! I figured we would have it all done (including the landscaping) by Christmas... I was sooo wrong!! After 12 years and many, many thousands of dollars we are not even close to finished. I like to call it a work in progress.. I wish we could make more progress and less work, but as I often say, life gets in the way of progress.. So I guess That's Life!!

It is encouraging to look back at the first pictures and see that we have indeed made a lot of changes.

It sounds corny but what I love most about my home is the family and friends that frequent it!! I love to have people over, I especially like them to come the first time when I am expecting them so I can "tidy up" after that, come anytime the door is always open!

I'm showing a few shots that I have on file because I need to get to bed!!

My favorite things are constantly changing. I love, love, love the corner cabinet in the living room, it is old chippy paint (pink and aqua) what could be better than that?? I love the braided rug in there as well. Some brown, gold, pink and aqua.. When I first bought the corner cabinet I thought it would fit in the dining room which was then the living room, but there was no corner in there that was big enough... That was an easy fix I simply moved the dining room and the living room around!!!

I have been collecting green and pink depression glass for several years. It doesn't matter to me if they have a little chip or crack. I don't care if they are old as long as they look like they are. I like to be able to use them and not worry.

One of the other things that I especially love in my house is the linens. I have quilts that are so precious to me. Some are old and very worn others are new and made by family and friends. I also have a "thing" about vintage floral table cloths and crotchet ones as well. It is fun to layer them..

Then of course I also like clocks and clock faces... Really I like lots and lots of things and I like to change them around. I try and stay with the same soft palate of soft green, pink and creamy white and a little aqua, that way things are easy to usein any room in the house.

Thanks for visiting my blog today!! It is after 1am so I didn't make the party at Karla's. I hope she is accepting latecomers!!


  1. Love your home...
    the colors are fabulous!
    I love your depression glass...

  2. Oh My Gosh! Your pics are wonderful! Your pinks and greens are my favorite color combination!

  3. Lovely, I love how you have mixed the green and pink depression glass up:)