Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Em!!

Today is this sweet baby girl's sixteenth birthday!! A recurring theme you might notice is..How can that be !!! She was a toddler just a couple of years ago, or the truth is her mom, my baby sister was a toddler just a few years ago... Maybe the truth is everyone is growing up!! Strange since I'm not getting any older...

It is only because I have enjoyed all the stages of Miss Emily's life that I don't want to believe that she is growing up and isn't going to be that adorable baby girl I have cherished since I first set eyes on her.
If I thought you would believe me, I would tell you what a terrific young lady she is.. I would tell you what a kind, patient, loving, friend she is.. I would tell you that she is a straight A student...I would let you know that she approaches everything she does with enthusiasm, whether it is soccer, rugby, Young Life, dance, student leadership, theater, or just having fun, she puts her whole heart into it. You can believe me it's true!
When she was a baby, she called me Auntie Mama and I told her a little story (it wasn't true) I told her that I was really her Mama and that her mom was just keeping her for me, because I already had 3 babies and she didn't have any... Maybe she should come home now!! I'd be ever so proud to call her my daughter! Happy birthday sweetheart! I love you!!


  1. No! She's not 16! She's just a little kid....errr, isn't she?

  2. She is adorable. I want her for my own, too. Happy Birthday Emily.

  3. SHe has grown so quickly. Beautiful inside and out, just like her Auntie!