Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Which Pam..

The previous post was for my friend Pam who lost her husband last week. Yesterday was his service and tonight is the service for their friend Steve. Friday, Pam and her children are traveling to Idaho for another friend's service who was also killed in the plane crash. Very, very sad and an incredibly difficult time for all the families and their many friends.

Can it really be Valentines Day already ??

I have more projects I have been working on and will have pictures posted soon. Tomorrow I am taking my dad (he's 84) to have his brows and eyelids lifted... I think if it looks good on him...

Speaking of going to the hospital ...

Sam told me this morning he wants a baby brother... I had about 50 things pop into my head, which I could have shouted... but being the good mom I asked.. "what would you name him??" He said.. "I don't know, he'd be your baby, you would name him like you did me.".... hmm ... I said, "what if it was a girl?" Sam replied, "a brother and a sister would be okay.. I would name them both Franklin." hmmm...
...Great idea!


  1. A baby brother and sister for Sam? You better get busy. You're not getting any younger, you know. Of course, this means you won't be able to wear your "Proud to be a Senior" button without getting some pretty strange looks.

    Love you!


  2. I think Lisa said it all !! Happy Valentine's Day to you and David. Looking forward to Expo! M.

  3. Oh Sammy, Sammy, Sammy. I think he better wait for a niece or nephew at this point!

  4. You made me laugh..You are having WAY to much fun with the CM program!!! I need more embellishments!! Laurie

  5. Thinking of your friend *hugs*

    Well, those two Franklin's ain't gonna make themselves....yikes, sounds kind of exhausting ;)

  6. So glad to have found your blog. I live in McMinnville.Do you live somewhere around PDX?

  7. A baby brother...nice!
    I am sorry to hear of your friends death! I feel so very badly for the families they have all left behind!
    My prayers are with you all...

  8. Hi Joy, I am so very sorry for your friend, Pam. I cannot imagine. I've been sending prayers her way.

    Love ya,