Thursday, February 7, 2008

Which way did they go??

Yesterday was the FUN test at the hospital, coming out of the anethsisa was a real trip shall I say.. Much like I would assume LSD would feel like... I thought that would pass...but now the crowns are missing?? They were on my post (at least on my computer) then I have comments that they aren't there. I redo them and I'm talking to Lisa and she said they were they are gone again?? I'm pretty sure I'm not hallucinating... but why would Lisa take them she has her own beautiful crown ??? Well I will try again, too weird.. The crazy thing is they still show on my computer even when I go to my post from other directions besides the dashboard...It has to be the drugs ...
Well at any rate, here is my Garden Crown

and here is Queen Sheila's
Just because I hate to be bested by the computer I am going to try one more time to post the pictures on the previous post...where they still are on my computer...


  1. love the crowns...
    I am truley a crown junkie!

  2. Nice blaming me for stealing your crowns. Thanks a lot! I do love your crown, but I wouldn't steal it. ha ha I'm glad you are feeling better today. Such a yucky day yesterday. Let's make a plan to do some crafting or shopping next week.



  3. Oh NOW I get it!! lol. ohhh those drugs! Hope you're coming out of the fog ok. Laurie

  4. Hey, You will not believe this, but, your unold friend wants to make a crown! I do, maybe out of new things? Will you help me?! pami