Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Royal Thoughts

It's easy to say that when you have a crown like this to wear...
I think I'll wear this one when I work in the garden, the top reminds me of a sun's rays and the flowers are most certainly suited for outdoor wear.. Yes indeed, just the right accessory for the beautiful outdoors.

Here is Queen Sheila's crown, she could wear this anywhere. It really is lovely, just like her..
We had a lot of fun making these. There are so many different things you can do. On this one I started with the chicken wire base and then I attached a floral wallpaper border to it. Then I glued vintage silk flowers and pieces of tatting over the designs, added buttons and topped it off with lots of vintage glitter.
The most interesting thing happened with the glitter... Not long ago a certain 6 year old was quietly playing in the shop, when I went to see what he was up to.... I thought I was going to flip!! He had taken big jars of the gold and silver vintage glitter, that I have been hoarding for a very long time, and was enjoying the way they sparkled as they hit the floor... He is not usually that, shall I say "out of control"... But I think it was actually mesmerizing, not a good enough excuse. I was so very sad when I swept it up, almost a whole dustpan full... Naturally I didn't throw it away, and I actually like it even better..
The thing about this vintage gold glitter is that it has a lot of gold dust, and it makes a nice addition to the bigger sparkle of the glitter, kind of a shadow. As much as I hate to use my very best treasures, that is exactly what I am doing.. I am so thrilled with the outcome, what a difference when you use the prizes that you treasure most, it is pretty obvious that if you love the pieces, you would then like the finished product.

Here is the barkcloth that I found this weekend...I was so excited there are 3 big panels and 2 small ones. They are in great shape and exactly the colors I have in the house. I am most likely going to sell them as I have always liked solid curtains in my house best... I might try them in the guest room just to make sure...
I also found this cute little sewing box which is too sweet and I am planning on keeping treasures for creating in it. I also plan to use the vintage jewelry boxes, that I keep buying for this purpose... What if I was actually organized?? I have been putting things in jars and really trying to make it all "user friendly" its a ongoing process...

Enough sharing for today, I must get some sleep as I have a big test at the hospital tomorrow morning. (One of those for the 50 and over) If the procedure is half as disgusting as the preparation, I promise not to share a single detail...UCK!!! (Lucky for everyone I'll be asleep)


  1. I was so happy to see that your posted again, but for some reason, the crown pics. didn't show up. All the other pics did though. Weird. Good luck with your tests and call me later, k?

    Love you.


  2. I couldn't see the crown pics either...hope the test goes well...
    thinking of you!

  3. I cant see your crowns, no pics :(
    Anywho....... Brandie did get her Rick Rack and sent it in. She is un-patiently waiting ! She has something for you, Im going to send it off tomorrow :)
    Good Luck with your tests- I dread that age, only because of all the "fun" things we "get" to do! yippee!
    Maybe you should treat yourself when your up and around with a shopping trip to Ruthie B's !!


  4. Yikes, I could see them, especially the one with me! (Yikes)!! The crowns were FUN and I am so happy with my "day to day" Crown! I ADORE your Fancy Crown! It is just breathtaking!!

    Love you,