Saturday, February 2, 2008

A few thoughts..


It was one of those kind of days you hope you will never have again...My friend Charmaine's grandmother past away last month. They planned a memorial service for her today. She was loved by her family and friends, they came from near and far to celebrate her life. I have known her for many years and was looking forward to being there with them this afternoon.
We were late getting there because we were at another memorial service and hour away...

Last week I got an email from another friend Brenna, who shared that her son Geoff, had gone to heaven... He had fallen into a waterfall, while hiking in Maui.. His memorial service was this morning. It was heartbreaking to see the raw grief so many young people were experiencing. Geoff was a close friend to my son Derek, since grade school. He had a way of making you think he was at your house because he was your friend. He was a charming, fun loving, outgoing young man who will be missed, but always remembered fondly by many.

I found this quote, but I don't know who wrote it. Seems to pretty much sum it up...


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  2. My heart breaks for these families. I just want all my loved ones here so I can see and touch and love them. I can't imagine the pain. Pam

  3. Sorry to hear about the loss of those loved ones. Its never easy,and words sometimes dont help.
    The pain is so immense.
    Hope things turn brighter for all.

  4. What a beautiful quote. We should all live by this!!! Tommorrow is new day.... I hope things get better as this year goes on...I know it has been a hard/sad past few months. Much Love!!!

  5. Thanks Joy.
    It meant a lot to have you and Karen (and your laughter) there.

  6. Joy, I'm sorry to learn that you have been touched, again, by losses of people who meant so much to your life and your family's. I guess the hardest part of being human is trying to digest the randomness of death. Our sympathies to you and your family, once again.
    Love, Karen and Alex

  7. Oh Joy, how sad to hear this news. Hugs to you and all of your sweet friends....