Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blog Crush??

This is a picture of me with my dog, oh wait, I don't have a dog... Oh it can't be me, I don't have any presents wrapped...
But as far as the crush goes...It is a long and convoluted story, so I will give you the short and sweet version. I secretly, when I think no one is watching go to these blog sites that...well... give information on how to do clever things to your blog. (Oh great, now you won't respect me) The only problem is that I love all the great ideas and clever little tricks that make blogs unique and personal. Well that is not the problem, the real problem is... I don't know what in the world they are talking about... I read it a dozen times and then reread it and then chicken out, because I would be so bummed if I screwed up and couldn't retrieve what I would no doubt erase or misplace. So... unless I am really, really determined on an idea, then I just bookmark that (whatever I love) and move on...
But, the truth is I know where to look for secret little things...things you have no idea you would ever need, for example Sheila has had a problem with her comments not allowing comments, no reason just stopped working. I told her a few times but... then Cindy, tells her the same thing and now she believes it!! So...I go to the Blog Doctor, look for a post where he leads someone through a situation another blogger is having like this nightmare and send the post to Sheila.
I am thinking oh my, am I ever the smart one... Yes, you guess right some how next thing you know the entire blog is gone... then its back partly but without the cool banner and template she had but still... no comments!!
So I emailed Vin (the computer doctor/genius) with all the details, lots of details and some were a little obscure and unrelated...but the good news is he fixed it!!! You can leave a comment, go, try it for yourself! For that matter go tell Vin the Blog Doctor, what a great guy he is! He did this the same day I emailed him!! How sweet is that?? Actually if you have a question or problem ask him, I think he might know everything... I think he is pretty amazing... does it sound like I might have a blog crush on him...yikes!! Don't tell Dave.. actually don't tell anyone how embarrassing! I hope he likes this card!
which I won't send to him ... gee, I'm just kidding!! But I do think that was pretty cool what he did.

Speaking of cards here is another sweet one.

Kinda reminds me of the weather we are having!

Just a darn good thing I found these socks (in the box of cards),now I won't have to worry about cold feet at those special holiday parties!!

I think these old cards are so fun.

I love this one with the Irish Blessing, I had it more in mind for St. Patrick's Day..

I found this one that seemed so familiar, but couldn't remember where I had heard it...
Oh yeah, our previous pastor said it every Sunday for years!! Who said I wasn't listening??


  1. uhhhhh hellooooooo I need a copy of the card that says Write it on your heart this is the best day of the year.........I haven't been saying it as long as Emerson has but now I know for sure I'm not a dorkwad!

  2. Where to start.... First, I LOVE the new banner... and the pinks are wonderful and SO YOU! Very pretty, Miss Joy. And the picture of "little Sam" (who has grown by leaps and bounds since I saw him last!) is just the PERFECT thing to set aside for that future PROM DATE!!! Gosh that's great.
    But the real show-stopper HAS to be your PARTY SOCKS!!! Crimminee Girl, I hope you DO have a party planned, because those socks ROCK...
    Stay warm in SilverTown!!!

  3. JOY! (I exclaim giggling)! I am soooo sorry. You know how it is, sometimes I don't think you're serious. And sometimes, we change subjects so quickly when we talk, that my brain doesn't catch up until days later!

    Thank you soooooooo much for helping me through Vin! Yes, he is magic!


  4. Merry Christmas! Thanks for the views on the Christmas cards they are Fab. It was so great to get to see you the other day . Life just gets too busy. Here's to a Blessed New year,I always liked the the part on the last card bout "His face to shine upon thee."Have Wonderful Christmas. Love Braeda