Friday, December 5, 2008

One Good Turn ...

I love to have people join me in the fun when I have a overwhelming project to do. You know, many hands make the load light.. or something like that. Then when they have a big job, I am glad they let me know, so I can help them. It is more fun being the helper instead of the 'job owner' because...well lots of reasons and I'm sure can figure them out. This week it was my time to play elf.

I started the morning at Marcia's. We were neighbors for several years and have done lots of projects together, she can and has done things for me when I couldn't do them for myself. One year she totally decorated and put away my entire Christmas decorations. We have been helping each other for so long we don't even have to tell each other what to do, we just know... We together have probably consumed at least a million cans of diet coke. What a friend, a drinking buddy, always has a cold one ready!

Over the years our tastes have changed, she kind of developed a more sophisticated, style...and it works for her.

We have some of the same things, but boy do they look different at her house. Not to mention the color palette is completely different.

A little tree under the counter.

As you can see, she has big open rooms and so it needs to flow, or it would look really strange.

Not much room for anything tall on this mantle

She had this decorated when I got there.

A little something for the table top.

I have this silver nativity.

Did you notice the crown for the nativity? Makes sense...

This is my favorite!

Did I mention I need to finish my decorating...


  1. You know it's more fun to help someone else!

  2. Beautiful! Love the crown around the nativity scene!

  3. I love the crown around the nativity scene, too. If I never put up a tree or any santa or snowmen, I would always have to put out lots of nativity scenes. I love them. Have a great day. Pam

  4. Beautiful! There are a couple of her ideas i'm going to steal. Thanks for posting pictures.