Thursday, December 18, 2008

Old ways are the best ways...

I convinced myself that I could take my Christmas card addresses where I have them on a list on my computer and make labels...all by myself. No Dusty, no Vin, all by myself... Well I must say after many, many hours of frustration.... I think I like them better handwritten. There is a personal touch that can't be mimicked on a cold electronic machine...

For a special treat to cheer myself up since I lost the battle with the computer... I'm using these adorable vintage stickers on the envelopes. I try and use my old special things, but I rarely see these and I have lots and lots of cards... But too bad, I'm licking them (uck) and off they go to wish my friends and family a very merry Christmas!!


  1. Print out a copy of your address labels (when someone comes over to show you how) on plain paper. Then put the paper in your copier machine face down, labels in the tray, press print. Voila. This way you won't have to try to find them on your computer. Keep the original in a SAFE place. You know, where you'll be sure to find it again!

    (Every time I put something somewhere SAFE, I never find it again)

  2. Good Morning Joy, Rather than licking the stickers use a damp sponge brush (one of those cheap brushes with a sponge at the top and a wooden handle).
    Have a Merry Christmas!! Dana

  3. Such cute adorable little stickers! I'm sure that when the recipient sees this little gem adorning their card, an extra special smile will cross their face!
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Oh I love those old stickers, but I bet they don't taste very good.

    Yea, nothing beats a nice hand written card any day.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family,


  5. Cute cute! I'll help you with labels. Yes, I bet those labels were icky! (I used the old "wet sponge" trick for my envelopes).



  6. Joy, I miss you! Have a very merry Christmas and a super happy New year!! I hope we can get together soon... Love,

  7. Oh, I love the little vintage Christmas stickers! I have some, and I understand the parting with them somewhat reluctantly. I used vintage Christmas stamps for my postage last year - I loved the way three old stamps looked on the envelopes rather than one new one. And I found a bunch of old Christmas Seals my mother-in-law had years ago - so I used those too, to decorate the envelopes, and in many cases I was able to use ones from the year the recipient was born- 1953, 1966, 1962, etc! I thought that was so cool. It's fun to make your cards look different - and as a former mail carrier, I know they are noticed and appreciated as they go through the mail stream!