Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Once I Worried About an Empty Nest...

A while ago I decided to do a new banner so I started working on this one, and put it on the backburner for awhile.

I thought out of respect for Thanksgiving I should wait and put it on the first of December. The problem now is I'm tired of it, so I want to do something else. I need to get a move on it if I want to do something with a Christmas theme. These were photos from last season, kinda yesteryear's news, if you know what I mean. It would be much more meaningful if I had this years photos... and that is no doubt enough to keep both of us awake all night!!

I always have so much more I want to do than I can get done that I sometimes feel as if I am moving backwards... I can just hear people thinking or possibly even saying, "poor, poor Dave, why doesn't she make up her mind? Why can't she just leave well enough alone?? Always a big upheaval, blah, blah , blah. " Oh well, whatever... when I get it all just perfect then let's hear what they say... The strangest part, poor Dave never says a word about the 'upheaval' he might need some kind of 'good husband award', and when I get this all just perfect, I'll look into getting him one.

Have I ever mentioned that when Dave and I married, he got the whole package? Me and my 3 perfect angels ??

Of course at 9, 11 and 13 they weren't nearly so mature and well behaved ...

The year Dusty, the oldest perfect angel was graduating from highschool, I was a basketcase. Whah, whah, whah I couldn't believe my sweet little boy was going to leave the nest and soon the other brothers would follow and then what??



A new sweet little angel (or duck in this case) he arrived the year after Dusty left... So much for an empty nest... When we did the math, Dave will be a mere 72 when Sam graduates from high school, providing he finishes in the allotted 12 years...
You may remember Sam on his first day of school this year?

When I look at this I'm thinking, why are you so HAPPY? Don't you realize I will be home alone all day for the first time in 26 years???

This is a picture of my parents taken 5 years ago. I have a few since then, but they look really old, my dad is 85 and my mom is 78. And your thinking yeah... I'm sure they do look old....

And so... we decided since we have this lovely guest room and an almost empty nest...


  1. What? What? What?

    Are your parents moving in with you?

    No more trips to JC?

  2. I never want to have the empty nest. I have Casey, Taylor and Cody. Stacy and her three are here every day. I usually see Mindy and Louis 4-5 times a week. I can only take a little bit of time alone.
    Yes Dave deserves an enormous good husband award!!! And I can't wait to meet your new tenants, Mom and Dad. Love ya Pam

  3. I know, I bawled for a long time after Adam flew the coop, but then "poof" back he came! That helped me through the transition of letting them fly a little farther from me. (Not that I like it, but you get it). MY dilemma is what to do when HE has a baby?? I've been trying to get them to leave CO, but no dice!

    Don't work too hard!


  4. I love the story of you and your husband. I was so touched by it the day you told it to me that I have blabbed to several people. It really is a true love story.

    Now don't leave us hangin............What are you going to do with your extra bedroom?

    By the way.........your sons are pretty hot. Any single? I have a couple single friends. :-)