Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Don't Ya Just Hate...

I've been wishing I had a new camera for awhile, but I wasn't quite ready to make the decision or the purchase for that matter but...

now that my purse got ran over with my camera in it...

Kind of makes me wish I had appreciated the one I had, while I had it...

A picture of the sweet peas I planted today would be nice inserted here..(you might want to close your eyes and visualise,) the ones that I had to provide a string for each little tiny plant to climb... Why do I ALWAYS buy several packs instead of just a couple??? I know I will be so happy when they start blooming and keep blooming until fall, but geez what a job that is !

These were the ones from last summer, and they are totally worth the effort!

I love lily of the valley

I have some in my garden, but for some reason, I don't recognize it and every year I pull it out thinking it is a weed... I hope it comes up one more time, I will definitely be watching for it.

It is so exciting for us in the Willamette Valley when the sun first comes out in the spring, we have had 2 beautiful days, but tomorrow it is suppose to rain...

But that's okay, there is plenty to do getting all my peeps in a row for Easter.


  1. Oh my your camera Joy yikes. Your sweet peas are beautiful I wish I could get some growing like yours. Happy Easter to you. Florence

  2. For some reason, everyone I know is having some rough times, I certainly attest it to the season right now (lol)....we get all these distractions! don't we?
    We dropped a camera down a waterfall on our honeymoon (not good) and one time, the camera got left in the rain (yikes)---
    I heard the Cannon sure shot is the way to go....good luck!! It sure is a buyer's market right now.

  3. I love these photos. So bright and pretty. Lilly of the valley smells so pretty. Nothing like it.

    I really enjoy your blog and now I'm following it. Thanks for sharing some nice things with great posts.

  4. Howdy Joy!! If it's dry enough this weekend, we hope to be planting fools! I just hope the moles/rabbits don't eat all our stuff again this year.

  5. So sorry about your camera! I recently took the plunge and bought a Canon Rebel, I love it!

    Many blessings to you this Easter weekend...
    xo Laurie