Friday, April 17, 2009


I had 12 ladies in my shop/studio last evening for a workshop to make banners. My friend Jori treated them to this event, as an end of their bible study treat. I'm betting they did a study on FAITH. This is the banner I made a few months ago for Sam's bedroom. I have been doing his room in vintage cowboy for about 7 1/2 years. Just as soon as I get it finished I will show the photo's...

Here is a closeup

and another, but you get the idea I won't show all the letters...

The ladies showed up with a few supplies,
some impressive snacks...

Yes, those are mini cupcakes with white and yellow miniature marshmallows, over 200 for the popcorn kernels...

and look what else they created!

All different
Let's help each other...Can you guess who had the energy to cut 200 marshmallows into popcorn kernels??

All unique

you just go to have FAITH

a lot of laughs!
Jori had some gifts for her friends!

We all had fun!

Thanks, Jori!


  1. I love the looks of happiness and sisterhood on all the smiling faces! What fun!

  2. What a great bunch of friends you have there!!! Looks like fun...

  3. And they all fit in your shop??? "Where there's a heart, there is a way";- should go for you, sweet Joy!
    What a lucky boy, your cowboy Sam is;- I adore his room.
    I have started on some (mental) plans, to turn my little back yard house, into a play house for Emily & Layla. That will be so much fun, FOR ME :o)
    Hugs & hugs from Sylvi

  4. Joy- so nice of you to host Jori and her gals. Looks like you all had a FABULOUS time.
    Regarding "how" you fit everyone into your studio/shop .... I guess it takes .... you got it ... FAITH!
    Hugs to you sweetie, and have a super weekend!
    Betty :)

  5. Hi Joy! You are so sweet! The class looks like a blast! Sam's room is coming along so well! I can't wait for the "un-veiling"!! His banner turned out soooooooooooo cute!!



  6. Your right Joy- you gotta have Faith!
    Looks like you all had fun :)

  7. Heavenly. I love creating with friends.
    Hope to see you at our show.

  8. How fun!!! I'm movin! You ladies have so much fun.