Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring Garden Show

Yesterday and for the next couple of days I will be "keeping the road hot", as I travel back and forth to South East Portland. I will be taking my treasures to Monticello for their Spring Garden Show. Monticello is located at 8600 SE Stark St., in Portland's Montivilla district. Typically we load the trailer and get it all done in one BIG swoop when I do a show, but since I have 3 days I thought I could do it myself without Dave the driver/loader/packer, all I have to say is... What was I thinking??? I took a few things yesterday, but spent most of my time visiting, I mean networking... This is what I am good at and have had lots of experience, but if I am doing that, who will be unloading?? I need to think these things through before I so callously dismiss the help.

A little preview of what will be coming.

Monicello is open year round with over 100 dealers. As if that wasn't enough fun and excitement a few times a year they invite guests dealers to participate in month long special events. I hope you have time to come check out all the treasures.

This is Martha and Diane's booth, I am behind them along the windows. I can't wait to get it set up, it is a bright cheerful spot a terrific venue!

Isn't this cool?

And this...by Colby Cottage

I'm fairly certain Dave would want me to have this... it comes in sections and I bet I could carry it home piece by piece and since he's not there....hmmmm


  1. I will come by and see you! I think Dave would absolutely want you to take that home!

  2. so glad that I met you yesterday- it will be a pleasure to be your neighbor at the show! I just love all of your items...cannot believe that you did all of that alone! wow!!! It just looks fabulous!!!I follow your blog regularly, just didn't connect it to you yesterday...

  3. I'm sorry I didn't say, "Hi" yesterday. I was in the process of unloading. When the drop off driveway is available you got to move quickly. I have to go back today again to bring in more stuff. It you're there I'll be sure to say, Hi. I'm anxious to see your space.

  4. Oh my! Those old doors with the chairs are so cool! You never cease to amaze me with all the things you do. After all the trips you've been making, you might just start pulling that trailer all by yourself. hehe

  5. oh, Joy! Everything looks so good!
    And, hey, girlfriend ... you should let me know when you need a hand ... Just ask Martha ... I'm pretty good at following orders!

    Have a great weekend!
    Betty :)

  6. Hi Joy , It always so fun to see you. I have an award for you on my blog - come by and pick it up after your leisurely day at Monticello! I'm sure you'll get it all pulled together and it will be Lovely! Sue

  7. Yes, be nice to the help! When you're burning up the road stop by for a cup of coffee. You can lay on the sofa a minute and we'll visit!

    Did I ever tell you how much I love the fact that you are comfortable enough here to take your shoes off, while looking at a magazine and lay right smack down on the couch and keep talking to me even with the DH in the room? Just gotta love you! (I really do).


  8. Hey, Joy! What a surprise it was to run into you in Sellwood on Monday. Even more surprising was to learn we were both in Junction City, where we were shooting two house for Country Sampler magazine on the weekend. As always, your ebullient personality was as uplifting as your talent. Go girl at Monticello. We'll have to stop by and check it out! Keep laughing. It's a cure against all that ails... Cheers & Ciao!

  9. Indeed, Dave wants you to have that. Oh but you wish. I so covet that darling little house. Yes, I know it's a green house, but we don't want it for that, do we? Greg said no. I think Monticello loves it there anyway. Hey, I usually get what I want. Perhaps I should raise the bar! I must get into my car and head over to Monti pronto!


    Christine ~ Zwee!!

  10. That would be darn cute at your house!
    Wish I could get down there. Wonder how I can sneak down????????

    Have a great show!

  11. I'm sure Dave would want you to have that-especially if it were in pieces! It is so cute, isn't it?

    I'm just getting pics up form the
    4-friends sale. I had a blast-we just don't have *events* like that over here...but I'm trying to change that! THANK you for the warm welcome-I really do love your laugh!
    I'm working on the dresser I got from you-hopefully I'll get pics of that too.
    Have a great weekend!

  12. Dear Joy,
    Thanks for "everything pretty", that I got from your space, yesterday! My friend & I had a blast & I came home (over)loaded...... again....
    Yes, I'm sure your man wouldn't mind that itsy, bitsy, tiny garden-house;- & if you take it home, 1 piece at the time, he will hardly notice it! You follow my thoughts here....?????
    Your belly-laugh is the bonus, wherever you are :o)

  13. WOW!!! Your blog is so beautiful, first visit, but will be back again and again.

  14. Hi Joy we'll even deliver piece by piece:) Your area turned out great and it was so nice to chat with you!! Looked like you sold lots,Yeah! Kathy