Thursday, April 30, 2009

Going to the Dogs

It's no secret that I'm not really a dog person, now don't get me wrong I'm not a dog hater, just a little on the neutral side of, I love all dogs unlike most everyone I know...who adore all dogs.
As life would have it I have 4 boys, all who have wanted a dog at one time or another, actually all the time... So when my oldest son was in 5th grade and we moved to the country he got his dog. This was by far the most perfect dog possible for our family. I would list all the great things about her, but you would think I was exaggerating. We all loved Pepsi and she saw us through some pretty tough times.
This picture was taken about 16 years ago, the boys were just little guys. It was the first year we had Pepsi and the last year we had their dad.
This was the last picture I could find of Pepsi, it was taken about 7 years ago when Dusty was leaving for boot camp and was sure Pepsi would be gone before he would see her again.

They both had grown up in those 9 years, and it turned out Dusty got to be with Pepsi a few more times, before she went to sleep under a tree in the front yard for the last time. She died in the least offensive way she could, because that's the kind of dog she was.

And now guess who wants a dog?
Here he is at almost a year old, with a friend's dog.
That's about as close as he's been to a dog since. Because the truth is Sam doesn't really love dogs either... He wants to, but fear is holding him back. Okay, blame me everyone else does apparently he picked up on my feelings...
To make a long story short my aunt has 2 dogs and is willing to share so...

Meet Sage
Neither the dog or the boy seem thrilled.
Lucky for us Grandma and Grandpa are living here, because Sage loves them... She barks when she hears Sam coming in the room and he runs the other direction, or he will walk way around, saying he doesn't want to step on her...such a thoughtful little boy.
Dogs are suppose to be great for the elderly. My dad said he should get a good nights sleep, apparently Sage moves around on his lap, keeping him from sleeping all day.


  1. Thanks Joy for causing me to have a little breakdown this morning! As I was enjoying my coffee the floodgates unexpectantly ...goodness, it's going to be one of those days. Thanks a lot!!! :o)

  2. I love dogs myself but we don't have one, so my good friend Jan has two boxers Odie and Eli, they are so precious, so every once in a while I go there to have a Odie and Eli "fix"
    That is one way to get your fix for doggies. Huh?

  3. AWWwww~ I love this post!! I have always wanted to have grandparents living with me, Walton's style! I bet boy and dog will adjust to each other before long. They both look like sweeties!

  4. Hey Joy,

    I had so much fun crafting with you and getting to meet Jade yesterday. Loved this post. That Jermonne is such a cry baby. ha ha I almost want to go out and get a dog now. Maybe not. Hope to see you soon!



  5. Hi, Joy!

    I too "like" dogs ... (but don't want to own one). They wouldn't be happy in our condo ... and there isn't one who could compare with hubby's Belle ...

    She was his constant companion for many years growing up. She had long ears and was often mistaken for a "blonde girlfriend leaning on his shoulder in the car" as a high schooler. I know after all these years I am finally the favorite in his life, but Belle was a tough act to follow! I guess I've had a little trouble with the adoring eyes and following him everywhere ... although we have moved a lot ... lol!

    Happy May Day!
    Betty :)

  6. Did I read this post right? YOU have a dog? Sage better not snap at me when I try to hug my own mama!! :-) I too, shed a few tears when I read your post. I miss Lance and Pepsi and having the boys (and girls) around all the time. It is wonderful to see how they have all grown in to adults but I sure wish they would do it closer to home. Love you! Toni

  7. Dearest Joy,
    What a beautiful family picture & post! It's fun to know, that you are only (except now you have your Mom there) surrounded by men in your house, yet everything you do & have, is soooo cute & feminine! Just give it some time with adorable Sage. My parents have a dog like that & they tend to get quite protective of their owner(s). Myself, I could have a houseful of cats & dogs, but I have "cut down" to 1 dog & 2.5 cats!
    Hugs, Sylvi

  8. Good Heavens! Please tell me you don't have a dog! Now how am I going to find you an appropriate "support" group?? Ok, with the crazy schedule... check. Okay with all the work you do... check. Had to be okay with your parents moving in because really, who am I to talk. (At least my Mom is in separate quarters). Check. Having a first grader... check. Having a zillion friends and no time for self? Check. I am afraid I've just run out of groups, even if you do remain "anonymous"... ok who am I kidding, everyone would know you by your laugh!

    Love you. I'm still waiting by the window.

  9. I'm crying!

    This last weekend we took Charlie to doggie daycare and he played all day with a dog named Pepsi!

    I'm with you. I love my dog but I'm pretty much scared of everyone elses dogs. Charlie dosen't get to go to the dog park just for that reason, he hasn't gone to dog training for the same reason.
    I think dogs and kids have a lot in common. Most people really only like thier own ;-)

  10. gladysh@windwireless.netMay 10, 2009 at 9:43 PM

    Hi Joy, We Loved your post and what a beautiful family. Do remember us, from The Farm Chicks, last June? We are your neighbors, Junebug, will you be in your same spot? Hope so.. it will be good to see you again. XOXO Glad and Celia, Junebug Furniture and Design P.S. Hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day!!!